Four ITB Entrepreneurship students who successfully qualified for the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) shared their experiences at the “Sharing Session With Wirussian Awardee IISMA 2023” on November 22. The Entrepreneurship Student Association (IMK) ‘Artha’ SBM ITB organized the event at the SBM ITB. IISMA is an Indonesian Government scholarship scheme to fund mobility programs for Indonesian students to universities abroad.

This program is available for undergraduate students from semesters 4 to 7, enabling them to study at some of the best universities globally, experience different cultures, and build international networks for the future. The scheme is centrally managed by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology (Ditjen Dikti), Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud). It is open to undergraduate students from all Indonesian universities.

The four students—Aditya Putera Pamungkas (Hanyang University, South Korea), Amanda Eleanora Rotua Angeline Sinaga (The University of Western Australia, Australia), Deby Abilya Linardo (Lancaster University, United Kingdom), and Qiraina Febe Hotmida (University of Pisa, Italy)—shared insights into the IISMA acceptance schemes, namely the regular scheme and co-funding.

In the regular scheme, IISMA covers all costs. In contrast, co-funding involves students contributing to financing aspects such as Visa Fees, Local Transportation Fees, Health Insurance, and Settlement and Living Allowances. This flexibility allows students to tailor the program to their needs and financial capabilities.

IISMA Preparation

Preparation for IISMA involves creating a priority list based on factors like university ranking, location, and offered study programs. Additionally, participants must consider academic abilities, English Proficiency Test (EPT) scores, and the number of applicants at the chosen university.

They emphasize that not all universities accept all types of EPT. Therefore, in-depth research is needed about the requirements of each university regarding the type of EPT accepted. This decision greatly impacts your chances of being accepted at your destination university. Qiraina, for example, one of the awardees, shared the key to her success in essay writing.

“It’s important to find up your way,” he said, highlighting the importance of having clear, authentically self-reflective goals that differentiate himself from other participants.

A key element in the application process is essay writing. Clear, authentically self-reflective goals that differentiate applicants from others are crucial. Building a clear and structured story enhances the persuasiveness of the essay, providing a comprehensive picture of the potential and contributions the awardees can bring.

Awardee Experience 

For IISMA awardees, participation in various events at their respective universities is a significant part of the experience. Activities like the Batik Challenge celebrate National Batik Day abroad, promoting Indonesian culture. Events commemorating Heroes’ Day and the Youth Pledge involve performances and activities that honor history and national values.

Beyond academics, IISMA’s non-academic activities support students in exploring experiences outside the classroom, fostering growth in leadership, community involvement, and a deep understanding of global culture. For awardees, IISMA is not just about academic achievements but also a personal journey, cultural understanding, and holistic self-development, providing a platform to grow in a multicultural environment.

Written by Student Reporter (Mutiara Humaira Lestari, Management 2024)