Institut Teknologi Bandung MBA Student Association (ASOMBA ITB), in collaboration with PT Indonesia Vehicle Terminal Tbk (IPCC) and PT Jasa Armada Indonesia Tbk (IPCM), organized a seminar titled “PII Goes to Campus, Building Financial Futures with IPCC & IPCM” in Bandung on December 16. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama (PII), or Pelindo Investama, is an investment company overseeing IPCC and IPCM. The seminar featured speakers from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Mandiri Sekuritas, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at SBM ITB, as well as lecturers and students at SBM ITB.

In his speech, PII Director Ikhwanoe highlighted that this activity is PII’s contribution to providing literacy and education about investment to the community, especially students. Acknowledging the increasing prevalence of online loan bondage, PII aims to encourage students to start investing from an early age.

“Investment is one way to achieve financial freedom in the future,” stated Ikhwanoe.

Tjandra Nyata Kusuma, the Head of the Capital Market Supervision Section at the West Java Regional Office 2 of OJK, emphasized the importance of investing to achieve future financial goals. He reminded students to exercise caution in investing, particularly against illegal schemes.

Before making investments, Tjandra advised considering the objectives, risks, and profile of investing in the capital market. He recommended using surplus funds or cold money as the source of funds for investing. Tjandra emphasized that providers of investment products must have official permits. Students should avoid being enticed by unclear providers, especially those without official permission. Tjandra highlighted several trending fraud schemes, including binary options, trading robots, crypto assets, and money games.

Achmad Dirgantara, the Head of the West Java IDX Representative Office, noted that the Indonesian capital market has significant growth potential. However, there is still a lack of investment literacy among many Indonesians due to factors such as insufficient information, fear of fraudulent investments, and a perception of investment as gambling.

Subiakto Sukarno, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at SBM ITB, emphasized that investment is a way to counter inflation. He also underscored the importance of investment diversification to reduce risk.

The seminar covered various aspects, including financial analysis, management, use, and how to read financial reports. It delved into types of investment, distinguishing between long-term and short-term options, and emphasized considering goals, duration, risks, and potential profits. The investment instruments discussed included gold, property, deposits, shares, mutual funds, etc.

As a reminder, Subiakto Sukarno urged attendees not to let the capital market become a “capital loss.” Learning about finance and its instruments is crucial to eventually achieving financial freedom in the future.

Written by Student Reporter (Ihsan Taufiq, MBA YP 68 2023)