SBM ITB has marked its 20th year with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development. As part of its mission to lead change, SBM ITB has introduced several initiatives aligned with the three pillars of higher education. These programs have included training in vegetation management, community development, and tourism management in the Cirata National Asset region, West Java. The initiatives involve collaboration with the local government, cross-disciplinary ITB faculty, industry partners, and the community.

Melia Famiola, Lecturer and Chair of ESG at SBM ITB, stated, “The Avirama Nawasena Awards represent the culmination of ESG activities, particularly in commemorating the 20th anniversary of SBM ITB. These awards acknowledge organizations and individuals who have significantly contributed to the future sustainable economy. Assessment activities to evaluate candidates’ overall commitment to sustainability were conducted on Wednesday (10/01) through a Zoom meeting.”

The award categories are divided into two main sections. Institutional categories include sustainable product innovation, service innovation, supply chain innovation, organization and human resource support for sustainability, innovation in social change, and innovation in sustainable reporting creation. In the individual category, there are awards for innovation in creating sustainable products and services and the impact of social change.

The jury panel comprises professionals, academics, business leaders, and alumni. SBM-ITB collaborated with the Emil Salim Institute and Detikjabar for a comprehensive assessment, which was divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Judges and candidates representing various fields, particularly those involved in social or environmental issues, participated in the assessment, contributing to the socio-economic community. Candidates included non-governmental organizations, individual businesses, or government business units such as PT. PLN NUSANTARA Cirata, Pupuk Indonesia, Adaro Indonesia, Astra International, Waste4Change, Wisnu Foundation, Mitra Bali Fair Trade, Javara, Amartha, Efishery, and individuals like Rendy Aditya Wachid from Parongpong Recycle and Waste Lab, Efishery, Gamal Albinsaid, a social health initiator, Tri Mumpuni Wiyatno, and others.

Candidates showcased their initiatives, making a solid impression on the jury. The winners of the Avirama Nawasena Awards will be announced on January 18, 2024, alongside the celebration of SBM ITB’s birthday, titled “Indonesian Business Sustainability Towards ESG: Challenges and Implementation,” scheduled at the ITB Jakarta Campus.

SBM ITB Dean, Prof. Ignatius Pulung, added, “SBM ITB is committed to leading as a business school that comprehensively integrates ESG principles, focusing on promoting justice, inclusivity, building a sustainable business ecosystem, and preserving the environment for future generations. We are particularly proud, given ITB’s top ranking in Indonesia for Sustainability aspects according to QS International Ranking, and at SBM, we aim to contribute and continue providing societal impact.” 

Written by Student Reporter (Agustin Anandia Kartika, Management 2024)