At the end of December 2023, Sumedang was struck by an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale, impacting the districts of North Sumedang and South Sumedang in Sumedang Regency, West Java. Alongside damaging 238 houses, the earthquake also had significant psychological effects on many children, leaving them traumatized. Children who endure such disasters often experience profound sadness and fear. To mitigate this stress and sorrow, faculty members from SBM ITB organized a community service initiative focusing on Trauma Healing.

“The Trauma Healing initiative for children affected by the Sumedang earthquake aims to reduce anxiety levels and restore emotional well-being in the aftermath of the disaster. Our goal is to reignite their spirits as they were before the earthquake,” said the Head of the Community Service Team, Sri Hartati, on Saturday (3/2).

Furthermore, Sri explained that the target of this Trauma Healing activity, conducted in collaboration with ITB’s Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM ITB), is children affected by the earthquake in Sumedang Regency, specifically in three areas: Tegalsari, Babakan Hurip, and Cipameungpeuk. This initiative aims to restore the psychological well-being of children, alleviate post-earthquake anxiety, bring peace and acceptance to their hearts, help normalize their lives after the traumatic event, and provide valuable learning experiences for continued education post-disaster.

The trauma healing activities were centered at the Nurul Huda Tegalsari Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space (TPA) in Talun Village, Sumedang Regency, West Java, and were attended by 27 young children. The community service team, consisting of several faculty members and students, engaged the children in various activities to reduce trauma, including group exercises, drawing sessions, and games that brought joy and enthusiasm to the participants.

“We are grateful for and welcome community service activities, especially for the young children at the TPA following the Sumedang earthquake. This greatly helps to make the children happy and cheerful and allows them to forget the trauma they experienced during the earthquake,” said TPA administrator Okeu Wahab.

Mrs. Okeu hopes that activities that positively impact the children at the TPA can continue in the future and not be a one-time event.

The community service initiative, led by SBM ITB, was chaired by Dr. Sri Hartati, M.Sc., CMA, with support from Qorri Aina, SE., M.Sc., Tuntun Salamatun Zen, SE., M.Sc., Ak.CA., Acip Sutardi, SE., M.Sc., and 10 students.

Written by ETM Team