Abdurrahman, an alumnus of the Doctor of Science Program at SBM ITB, noted that individuals graduate from college at different times. Some believe the ideal duration is 2.5 years, while others may take up to 5 years.

For Abdurahman, his version of time is five years. He nearly dropped out of his initial doctoral program at STEI ITB

However, he found motivation in the teachings of the Al Quran, which emphasize the acquisition of knowledge through both theoretical and practical means. This encouragement prompted him to persevere with his studies. Abdurrahman has completed two doctoral programs and is currently pursuing two more.

Abdurrahman was among two alumni who shared their experiences at the MSM DSM Lounge, SBM ITB, on Friday (15/3). Alongside Abdurrahman, Dr. Wiwin Sujati, M.M., a 2024 graduate of DSM SBM ITB, also shared insights from his doctoral studies.

In contrast to Abdurrahman, Wiwin is one of the quickest DSM graduates, completing his studies in just 2.5 years. Presently, Wiwin serves as the Senior Manager of Heavy Equipment Maintenance at PT KPC and is a lecturer at Gajah Mada University.

Wiwin contemplated resigning from DSM ITB despite her success due to the challenging coursework. Midway through his studies, he questioned the purpose of pursuing a doctoral

 “Why am I pursuing this doctoral program?” Wiwin pondered.

A DSM SBM ITB teacher then advised Wiwin. “The priority of DSM courses is to publish journals. You will get a pass easily if we have published in international journals.”

This sentence motivated Wiwin to complete his studies. Additionally, one of Wiwin’s strategies for staying on track was to complete assignments promptly, enabling him to enjoy timely breaks.

While this approach may seem straightforward, its implementation significantly impacted Wiwin’s academic journey. One key tip Wiwin followed was to promptly attend to tasks: “Do them immediately; delaying only leads to increased backlog.” degree.

Written by Student Reporter (Afisindika Fadhilah, MSM 2023)