On Friday, March 8th 2024, The Management Science Alumni Association held a talk show discussing paper writing. The talk show featured 3 speakers from the management science alumni. Representing the DSM (Doctoral Sciences Management) side were Dr. Daniel Karim S.IP. M.M and Dr. Veronica Afridita, alumni of DSM ITB 2019. Meanwhile, representing the MSM (Master of Sciences Management) side was Carrisa Tibia Walidayni S.Bns MSM, an MSM ITB 2021 alumni. The event discussed paper writing techniques from each speaker’s perspective. They shared tips and tricks they used when writing papers. As we know, management science students are known as “paper producers” at SBM. Unlike other study programs at SBM ITB, DSM and MSM focus on publication and writing. Since the beginning of their studies, both MSM and DSM students are already very familiar with papers and publications, so this event can provide new perspectives for both MSM and DSM students. The event was moderated by the chairman of The Management Science Alumni Association, Dr. Adrian Ariatin, S.Sn M.B.A.

Dr. Veronica Afridita, reminisced about her academic journey. She immersed herself in a plethora of scholarly papers that captivated her interest. Notably, she meticulously curated additional readings closely aligned with her preferred topics.

Reflecting on her academic experience, Veronica estimated having perused over a hundred papers. She emphasized the pivotal role extensive reading played in honing her research and writing skills. Veronica believes that without immersing herself in a diverse array of literature, she would have encountered significant challenges in crafting her paper.

She highlights “Whether you like it or not, you have to read the paper.”

According to Carrisa Tibia Walidayni S.Bns, MSM, 2021 MSM ITB alumna, while studying at MSM SBM ITB, it is essential to share knowledge with colleagues. Carrisa thinks her classmates played a role in her success. She highlighted how they got together and worked on assignments together then.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Daniel Karim his passion for reading fiction stories, such as comics or fiction novels, helped him write his papers.

“According to my lecturer, Mr. Anggara Wisesa, who is also the Chair of the Management Science Study Program, that many individuals exhibit a reluctance towards reading due to a lack of comprehension. it is crucial to address this issue by advocating the use of dictionaries, especially when engaging with papers written in foreign languages. This practice not only facilitates understanding but also serves to broaden one’s perspective and deepen their insight into the subject matter at hand,” Said Dr. Daniel.

Written by Student Reporter (Afisindika Fadhilah, MSM 2023)