Glory Oyong, Director of Corporate Communications at Kompas Media, believes that faculty reputation has a very important role in attracting high-quality students, securing funding research, and shaping the institution or university’s public image. Consequently, an effective strategy is essential for enhancing faculty reputation through public speaking and bolstering personal branding.

Glory spoke at a workshop entitled “Enhancing the Reputation of Academic Faculties through Personal Branding and Public Speaking,” which was held at the SBM ITB Building in Bandung on Friday (15/3). SBM ITB faculty members attended the workshop.

According to Glory, personal branding from an academic perspective involves efforts to fortify the image of lecturers or academic staff. Each faculty member should identify their unique values, potentials, and strengths distinct from others.

Disseminating academically significant information and messages also contributes to the desired professional image among faculty members. Therefore, faculty members can enhance their reputation among students and peers by enhancing consistency in communication and actions.

Building a personal brand, according to Glory, involves identifying unique values for the public, consistently empowering social media presence, identifying target audiences, showcasing achievements, and maintaining consistency.

Delivering public speaking with clarity and organization is crucial. Effective public speaking can significantly enhance lecturers’ reputations as experts in their respective fields. It can offer valuable insights, motivate audiences, and expand professional networks, strengthening their influence in academic settings.

Glory conducted practical exercises on public speaking, covering aspects such as proper posture, handshaking with moderators, and establishing a personal brand as a speaker at seminars.

Glory highlights, combining personal branding and public speaking skills is essential for improving lecturers’ image within university environments. A polished public persona can elevate their reputation as experts, and with a consistent and effective communication strategy, faculty members can enhance their contribution to the institutions they represent.

Positive communication exchanges are imperative for this enhancement process. 

Written by Student Reporter (Adriel Fauzana, MBA YP 2023)