In the e-commerce business landscape, managing relationships with customers is one of the important pillars of business success. For this reason, implementing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy through social media and appropriate customer segmentation is an irreplaceable foundation in online commerce.

“Understanding customer segmentation and designing strategies that suit their needs and preferences is the key to converting marketing activities into significant active sales,” emphasized Nuraeni Saripudin Johnson, Associate Vice President of CRM and doctoral candidate at the SBM ITB, during her guest lecture on Integrated Business Asia at SBM ITB on Tuesday (23/4). This knowledge empowers e-commerce professionals and business students, giving them the tools to drive successful marketing campaigns.”

Nuraeni defines CRM as a vital tool for maintaining constant interaction with customers, either via email, telephone notifications, or social media such as WhatsApp. CRM is one way to avoid customer inactivity. Furthermore, Nuraeni explained the critical role of social media in building e-commerce branding, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, which expanded the use of this platform.

“Social media has become a powerful tool for building customer engagement and increasing brand awareness,” she added, underscoring the importance of personalized and data-driven marketing.

Additionally, she illustrates how social media can drive traffic to customers’ websites, leading to increased conversions and sales.

“By utilizing social media to target the right audience, we can significantly increase conversions and sales, ensuring guaranteed investment,” said Nuraeni.

Closing her presentation, Nuraeni recommended digital tools to students to stay up-to-date with technological developments and work more effectively and efficiently.

Written by Student Reporter (Hansen Marciano, Management 2025)