SBM ITB will hold the 8th International Conference on Management in Emerging Markets (ICMEM) 2024 from 28 to 29 August. This prestigious international conference will be held hybrid, via Zoom and offline, at The Patra, Bali, with the theme “Embrace Governance and Sustainable Development for Global Impact.”

Yuliani Dwi Lestari, Chair of the ICMEM 2024 Committee, underscores the crucial relevance of our theme in the face of the ever-evolving global business landscape and mounting environmental challenges.

“Collaboration, sustainability, and synergy are the main keys to achieving sustainable success,” said Yuliani in Bandung (24/4).

The theme of ICMEM 2024 was carefully chosen to underscore the pressing need for integrating the principles of good governance and sustainable development into modern business practices. 

Strong governance is the foundation for businesses to operate ethically, transparently, and responsibly. Meanwhile, sustainable development emphasizes balancing economic growth with environmental protection and social welfare.

ICMEM 2024 is not just a conference, but a dynamic meeting ground for a diverse range of participants. Academics, stakeholders, government officials, doctoral students, and practitioners from around the world will converge to exchange knowledge on the latest trends and explore the potential for cross-cultural collaboration in the global business ecosystem. This diverse mix of participants, both local and international, is expected to enrich the discussions and foster the creation of a robust network.

ICMEM 2024 is a forum designed to address business challenges and foster sustainable, innovative solutions. We believe that through cross-sector collaboration, we can create a transformative impact on society and industry. 

Over the course of two days, the ICMEM 2024 conference will feature various engaging activities. These include interesting sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, all designed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration. The conference will culminate in a closing session, where the best contributors will be recognized. Notably, the main speakers will include ministers, company CEOs, and leaders who have been honored with the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Award by SBM ITB in January 2024.

In addition, there will also be several experts present who will speak at the workshop session, such as Prof. Mark Gilman from Derby University, UK, Prof. Toshiya Kaihara, Kobe University, Prof. Togar M. Simatupang, Professor in Operation & Supply Chain, SBM ITB and Yunieta A. Nainggolan, PhD. Associate Professor in Sustainable Investment, SBM ITB.

The ICMEM 2024 series of events will close with a Gala Dinner and awards to the best contributors. The next day, participants can participate in a cultural tour to conclude the events. For information regarding ICMEM registration, you can contact the committee and follow updates on the website

Written by Student Reporter (Fairuuz Fawwaz, Entrepreneurship 2024)