SBM ITB held a graduation celebration for the academic year 2023-2024 at the Grand Ball Room of the Intercontinental Hotel, Dago Pakar, Bandung, on Sunday (28/4). this event occurred one day after the ITB graduation ceremony at Sabuga (27/4).

This graduation ceremony was attended by 480 graduates: 10 graduates from the Doctor of Science in Management program (with 9 cumlaude graduates), 19 people from the Master of Science in Management program (with 4 cumlaude graduates), 191 graduates from the Master of Business Administration program at the Jakarta campus (with 96 cumlaude graduates), 219 Master of Business Administration program Bandung Campus graduates (with 93 cumlaude graduates), 28 graduates from the Bachelor of Management program (with 12 cumlaude graduates), and 3 graduates from the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship study program (with 1 cumlaude graduate).

The ceremony was opened with remarks from the dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio, M.SME. The event continued with the distribution of awards to graduates who had achievements. Twenty-two selected graduates from four study programs at SBM ITB succeeded in receiving awards.

Meanwhile, Samuel Stephan Rorimpandey, a graduate of the MBA ITB class in collaboration with PT Freeport Indonesia, was the representative for the April 2024 Period Graduates to give a farewell speech and share his experiences while studying at the MBA ITB.

“I am thrilled to have studied at SBM ITB. It is a reputable educational institution in Indonesia that aligns perfectly with the professional challenges I encounter.” said Samuel.

He felt lucky because he had a professional supervisor who was also very helpful in working on the final project. Additionally, according to Samuel, fellow students and members of the SBM ITB administration have an essential role in the development process.

One of the graduates, Raden Dewi Widyanipuna, a student in the Young Professional program at MBA ITB Bandung campus, was impressed by the opportunity to participate in a student exchange abroad. This opportunity allowed her to progress better.

Meanwhile, according to Dineke Kusumawati from the MBA ITB Jakarta campus program, this school opens up great opportunities for her as a businessperson. Dineke, a graduate of the Entrepreneurship MBA ITB Jakarta campus, has a business that provides essential food distribution services to stalls, namely Pasar Murah. Through SBM ITB, Dineke can collaborate with Entre children in her class to produce new value for her business.

Meanwhile, Matthew Giovanni, a Young Professionals MBA ITB graduate, said that studying at SBM ITB must be done with enthusiasm. Matthew advised strengthening friendships while studying because this has helped him during his studies.

Written by Student Reporter (Afisindika Fadhilah, MSM 2023)