The Retail Management Class of SBM ITB on Thursday (25/4) welcomed a guest from PT Martina Berto (Martha Tilaar Group). Martina Bento’s National Key Account Manager, Ahmad Yasin, had the opportunity to share his experiences with retail business management in the cosmetics industry with students.

Yasin, in his enlightening session, underscored the importance of a consumer-centric approach in the retail business. He shared how the Martha Tilaar Group, for decades, has been implementing this principle along with other key aspects like strategic location selection. He also emphasized the need for meticulousness, thoroughness, and going the extra mile for customers, making them feel valued and integral to the business.

Martha Tilaar Group, a key player in Indonesia’s beauty and cosmetics industry, distinguishes itself with two product lines: luxury and mass products. Yasin highlighted their commitment to quality, citing the use of clean ingredients and the assurance of no animal testing and parabens in products like Martha Tilaar Group’s “Clean Beauty.” 

“The products released by the Martha Tilaar Group are guaranteed to have been dermatologically tested and are 100% halal certified,” said Yasin.

In Indonesia, Yasin said that the change in the value of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is 6.5%. Indonesia is referring to South Korea for beauty products. The growth of skin care products is increasing, while personal care products are declining. This happened, said Yasin, because buyers were more interested in cheap products with good offers.

Yasin elucidated the dynamics of the beauty and personal care product market. It is a rapidly expanding consumer market, driven primarily by the cosmetics and skin care segments. This growth is further propelled by a generational shift, with younger consumers entering the market. The influence of social media, internationality, and e-commerce on purchasing behavior regarding beauty products is profound and enduring.

Written by Student Reporter (James Anders, Management 2024)