Indonesia, a treasure trove of natural resources such as coffee and charcoal, holds immense potential to bolster the country’s foreign exchange through exports. Recognizing this, export-import practitioner and certified customs expert Boniek Adi Syahputra invited the students from the SBM ITB, participants in the Integrated Business Asia guest lecture on Tuesday (30/4), to explore the intricacies of International Commercial Terms (Incoterms). This knowledge, he believes, is the first step towards a successful journey as an exporter. 

Incoterms, a set of three-letter codes, are not just jargon in international trade. They are practical tools used to prevent errors in contract interpretation. They lay down the conditions that must be met when goods are sent or handed over, whether by the exporter or the importer. Understanding these terms is not just about passing an exam, but about being equipped to navigate the complexities of international trade.

“With the increase in the value of the dollar and the abundance of resources, we need more exporters who are ready to enter the global market,” said Boniek.

Boniek emphasized the importance of understanding export and import regulations in Indonesia before entering this sector. Understanding these regulations includes categorizing free, restricted, and prohibited goods for export or import. In addition, Boniek is also concerned about the government’s vital role, especially in taxation and customs.

Meanwhile, several Incoterms terms, such as FOB, CFR, and CIF prices, are crucial components of international trade transactions. Boniek, underlining the potential of digitalization and social media platforms like Google Ads and Social Media in acquiring a first export client, stressed the importance of patience and integrity in fostering trust with overseas business partners. This, he emphasized, is a fundamental pillar of successful import-export relationships, requiring a steadfast commitment and unwavering dedication.

He explained, “It takes a long time, more than just months or years, to build strong trust with partners”

With the knowledge gained from this guest lecture, we hope to ignite a spark of ambition and equip students and prospective entrepreneurs with the tools they need to seize export and import opportunities. These opportunities, we believe, can pave the way for new business development and market expansion, propelling them towards international success.

Written by Student Reporter (Hansen Marciano, Management 2025)