The role of sustainability principles in every company, including those in the public services sector, such as the Logistics Affairs Agency (BULOG), cannot be overstated.

BULOG, as a key player in the field of public services, has encountered significant challenges in applying sustainability principles to its operations. To shed light on these challenges, the Director of Transformation and Institutional Relations of Perum BULOG, Sonya Mamoriska Harahap, was invited by SBM ITB Jakarta Campus on Tuesday (7/5) to share some insights.

While BULOG’s business is indeed driven by social interests, Sonya acknowledged that the agency faces a multitude of challenges in implementing sustainability principles. These Range from issues of equity, to the availability of adequate infrastructure in the supply chain, to waste management, and systemic challenges.

According to Sonya, this equality is a challenge regarding community services. The obstacle lies in distributing food to the 3T areas in Indonesia (outermost, frontier, and underdeveloped). This is a market barrier for many companies that are unable to carry out operations in those places. Therefore, BULOG, as an extension of the state, stepped in to overcome this problem.

Despite the challenges, BULOG’s efforts to provide modern, digitally-based infrastructure in the supply chain have shown promising results. These advancements not only enhance services to the community but also contribute to environmental health by reducing waste and residues. 

BULOG is not alone in facing systemic challenges. Sonya emphasized the agency’s proactive approach in seeking collaborations with various stakeholders to address these challenges comprehensively, underlining the power of collective action.

“We cannot resolve sustainability issues individually. “BULOG itself has attempted to collaborate with seed companies, the Indonesian Fertilizer Company, Jasindo Insurance Company to Himbara (State Bank Association), and other financial institutions to accommodate people’s business credit,” concluded Sonya.

Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, EMBA 2021)