Jakarta campus has 3 regular programs (General Management, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Marketing), 4 executive programs (Business Leadership, Energy Management, Strategic Marketing, Sustainability), and Double Degree program.

General Management (GM) program is designed for new graduates or professionals in the first/two years who will start a career in managerial. GM aims to provide aspiring leaders with an understanding of business activities’ context and strong general management required to grow the company where you will engage in.

Entrepreneurship (ENTREE) program is designed to support you as a young MBA student with an entrepreneurial spirit that leads you to be creative in starting your own new venture as well as in fostering innovation in organization you engage in. Encourage new and existing businesses, in addition to a world-class curriculum, this program also provides support systems such as entrepreneur clubs, incubation programs, business mentors, venture capital, and business networks. Combined with ITB’s strengths in the arts, design, science and technology, this program has a network to increase added value and innovation in your business.

Entrepreneurial Marketing MBA program (ENMARK) is designed for the next generation leaders to learn about marketing, management, business strategy and entrepreneurial mindset in business execution.

Business Leadership Executive MBA (BLEMBA) program is designed to provide an innovative leadership program. This course aims to assist you in managing a range of leadership challenges that arise at different stages in your career.

Energy Management Executive MBA (ENEMBA) program aims to understand the management of energy business as it matters. It is also designed to widen perspective by experience-exchange between stakeholders from provate sector, civil society, national-local government and academia.

Strategic Marketing Executive MBA (SMEMBA) program is designed to give you the understanding of how marketing strategy should be formulated in the landscape of new Indonesia and the new ASEAN as well.

Sustainability Executive MBA (STEMBA) program is designed for those who have interests with the issue of sustainability while business and management needs align with environmental matters.

Double Degree MBA program in cooperation with five top universities (Queensland University, Hull University, Glasgow University, Fordham University, Boston University) is designed to help students further enhance their business skills, build specialist knowledge within their chosen area, and accelerate their career.

For the General Management and Entrepreneurship programs the tuition fees is 85 million rupiah.

For the Business Leadership Executive program the tuition fees is 105 million rupiah.

For the Entrepreneurial Marketing program the tuition fees is 120 million rupiah

For the Sustainability Executive program the tuition fees is 125 million rupiah

For the Energy Management Executive program the tuition fees is 140 million rupiah

For the Strategic Marketing Executive  programs the tuition fees is 160 million rupiah.

MBA-ITB not provides scholarships for MBA program, but you can apply for scholarship programs from outside such as LPDP scholarships or other scholarships.

Class schedule is divided into two times, weekdays and weekend.

The 3 years working experience is a must. Due to our learning method. Your work experiences will be needed to effectively engage in a small or even large group discussion

Graduating on time is very dependent on the motivation and desire of the student to finish lectures well and produce publication output. However, the study program can guarantee is to provide a learning process that supports students to graduate on time. For example, through the existence of supporting academic regulations, writing and research method workshops, study skills, mentors who are experts in their fields, and very comprehensive research lab facilities.