As the 21st century progresses, technological innovations accelerate in unprecedented speed. New, exciting, and game changing inventions are creating new possibilities in various fields.

MoT Lab focuses on how latest developments in technology could add values to a company’s business. Be it through procurement, new product development, production, marketing, to post-sales and customer relations.

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Supporting Teaching & Learning

In collaboration with selected courses within ITB, we conduct guest lecture sessions which aim to promote knowledge about:

  • How to enhance conventional business with digital technology
  • How to become a technology entrepreneur
  • How IP management works
  • How to develop a suitable digital business model

Training & Consultation

We share best practices and disseminate leading-edge thinking to the community by conducting seminars and workshops on various subjects related to business, technology, and innovations, such as:

  • Big data analysis
  • Commercialization of technology
  • Artificial intelligence and business
  • Digital business model


We believe that collaborative effort in research will result in innovative findings. Therefore, we partner with other faculties in ITB, international universities, and also corporations.

Our recent research projects (and partners):

  • Assessment of Indonesian firms’ technological level (Yamaguchi University)
  • Disruptive technologies in transportation sector (NCSTT-ITB)
  • IP Management (Yamaguchi University)
  • Patent-related research (Yamaguchi University)


Head of Laboratory:
Dr.rer.pol. Eko Agus Prasetio (

Dedy Sushandoyo, Ph.D (

Contact Us

Labtek XIV, 4th floor

Jl. Ganesha No.10, Bandung, 40132, Indonesia
Phone: (+622) 2531923 ext. 314