Written by Aqmalia Shafira (Entrepreneurship 2020)

ITB student’s team, Forbetric, presented smart sockets, smart plugs at the 2019 Habibie Festival technology festival at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This smart socket is here to support the achievement of smart and eco living. Forbetric was founded by 8 founders from the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Farah, Athalia, Aqmalia, Octiafani, Fernanda, Amira, Hasna, and Safirah.

“Forbetric is For Better Electricity. This startup is engaged in the management of electrical energy by carrying out the vision and mission towards electricity efficiency,” said one of the founders of Forbetric startup, Hasna Bachtiar, who is also a student majoring in Entrepreneurship School of Business and Management (SBM) ITB 2017.

This smart socket is a breakthrough that Forbetric tried to present to create electrical efficiency. Hasna revealed that her team encountered problems in the field related to people who wanted to use electricity efficiently but did not know how to measure it.

“Therefore, this smart socket comes with an Internet of Things planted that allows users to view and regulate the flow of electricity connected in these plugs automatically through the Forbetric application,” Hasna said.

Because it is equipped with IoT technology, users will be able to monitor in real time the electricity usage of your electronic goods, starting from the data about the number of living smart socket devices, the amount of current that exits in amperes (A), the amount of electrical energy used in kilowatts -hour (kWh), up to the estimated electricity costs that must be paid with the total energy usage through the Forbetric application.

In fact, said Hasna, a history of electricity usage of electronic goods connected through this smart plug will also be recorded.

“If users have the Forbetric application and are connected to the internet network, they can also set the smart socket on-off automatically only by going through this application,” said another SBM ITB 2017 Entrepreneurship student, Aqmalia Shafira who also as the Public Relations Forbetric.

Not only that, Aqmalia Shafira revealed that users can also adjust the duration of time to light their electronic goods through this application.

Furthermore, Aqmalia said that these smart plugs act as an adapter for conventional sockets that are actually embedded in every place. “Its function as an adapter makes the user does not need to bother remodeling an existing electrical installation. In addition, this smart socket can be obtained by way of rental or subscription,” she continued.