Yuliani Dwi Lestari, the Program Director of MSM and DSM SBM ITB, was from a low-income family and forced to live in Surabaya’s tough and crime-ridden neighborhood, Gang Dolly. Yuliani was vulnerable to criminal activities because of the region’s conditions in the 1980s. She experienced being mocked, attempted sexual harassment, robbery, and even being a victim of kidnapping at the age of two years. She is alive and well today because of God’s protection.

It was revealed on Wednesday (15/06/2022) during an interview with the SBM ITB Marketing and Communications team. Yuliani has been actively seeking scholarships since elementary school because of her parents’ upbringing and determination to change her fate. Yuliani is determined to achieve a better education than her parents, who graduated from elementary school. Unfavorable circumstances did not hinder her from achieving success.

“It’s all because of the principles instilled in me by my parents since I was little. They teach their children that education has the power to change our destiny. With the determination to fight relentlessly, fate may change. My siblings and I were able to leave the neighborhood. Apart from Mrs. Risma and government intervention, we can continue to help and inspire people in the area to care about the importance of education for a better future,” said Yuliani.

Yuliani also stated that her family was ridiculed for putting education first. However, after Yuliani successfully worked independently in Jakarta, people in her former environment became more interested in education.

The Decision To Pursue A Career As A Lecturer.

It is not an overnight journey to become a teacher. Yuliani had many upbringings, inspirations, and life stories before becoming the operations management lecturer she is today.

Initially, everything was defined by her parents’ guidance. Their four children, including Yuliani, developed an interest in teaching due to their disciplined education. Yuliani was also inspired by an elementary school teacher who taught her students wholeheartedly, even providing extra time for private study at the teacher’s house, using the walls and floor as a blackboard. All these sacrifices are solely for the future of their students. Yuliani put her inspiration into action by assisting many students, both from middle-high and low-income families, to continue to excel in their education.

In addition, Yuliani has always been interested in and passionate about teaching. Yuliani was also used to teaching additional lessons to earn a living when she was at school or when during her undergraduate at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, and master’s and doctoral degrees at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Finally, after working in various industries in Jakarta, Yuliani’s perspective shifted. Her passion for education caused her to return to the world of education.

SBM ITB Stories

Yuliani also stated that SBM is multicultural and welcomes all of Indonesia’s best people. She is an example of an SBM lecturer who is not an ITB graduate. “This allows SBM ITB to be rich in many cultures from many regions while also learning cultures from all domestic and international campuses,” stated Yuliani.

She was concerned when she started as a lecturer at SBM ITB because she was not an alumnus. Her expectations were modest and not overly lofty; she was mainly focused on working hard and going all out in teaching.

“But my assumptions were incorrect. SBM ITB has an open mind and values all of its components. I welcome all criticisms and suggestions for my advancement in the SBM ITB system. However, the educational system environment here continues to emphasize my skills and talents. So, finally, I am very comfortable, happy, respectful, and appreciative of the entire SBM ITB system,” Yuliani said.

According to Yuliani, SBM ITB is a healthy organization, with AACSB accreditation since 18 years ago, indicating its international performance. It is inextricably linked to smart students, a supportive work environment, and challenging assignments.

SBM ITB has a supportive ecosystem for all. Yuliani would not have been able to join the ranks of the best Indonesian lecturers in 2018 if it were not for SBM ITB nor carry out her duties as a jury for the Indonesian Ministry of Education’s Technology-Based Startup Company Program (PPBT).

Finally, with all the support and privileges at SBM ITB, Yuliani strives to make her best contribution to educating the nation’s best interests. Even though SBM ITB is well-known throughout Indonesia, Yuliani continues to encourage SBM ITB to become one of the best education systems in the world.

Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, EMBA 2021)