Three SBM ITB students presented the best draft of regeneration in the presentation of the Candidate for the Orientation (OS) Chair of the ITB Management Business School on Saturday (17/9/2022). Raka Zaidan, Farhan Dzaky, and Ammar Irfansyah are ready to provide the best education to new students of SBM ITB batch 2025, regarding everything needed to become a student of SBM ITB. They are ready to oversee the cultivation of values​​, culture, and friendship in the most effective way to deal with academic burdens in university life.

The three have different visions and methods if they are later trusted to be the heads of OS SBM ITB. Ammar emphasized the urgency of holding an SBM OS, and Farhan emphasized the relevance of holding an SBM OS. In contrast, Raka emphasized many innovations in implementing the orientation. Even so, the three agreed on one thing; the SBM OS is not just a series of education at a certain time but the starting point for applying values while studying at SBM ITB.

Ammar, who got the first turn to present ideas, started his presentation by describing all the concerns of SBM students who had attended the orientation, from being shy to know new people to confusion in joining a campus committee. According to Ammar, the SBM OS intends to show ways for each individual to overcome this in the future.

“We can be a catalyst for them in dealing with the changes that occur during university life,” said Ammar.

Meanwhile, according to Farhan, three main values designed by SBM ITB: ethics (ethic), skills (skills), and knowledge (knowledge), should be instilled in students. He initiated the concept of The Hero’s Journey, a framework of hero stories popularized through a book by renowned author Joseph Campbell, which can be applied to new students.

“Carerization is not just planting a profile, but also shaping people. According to expectations, ” forming an ideal human being is not easy,” said Farhan. A student must be like a useful hero to those around him.

Meanwhile, Raka emphasized the cultivation of ethics in new students. He made an analogy with Saidah Tower, an abandoned tower in Jakarta. Reportedly, the building is tilted due to weak foundation; that’s how humans are without ethics.

“They will use their skills and knowledge for crime, corruption, and so on,” he said.

The question and answer session was dynamic. The Hearing for the Chair Candidate of the SBM OS has attracted the attention of many parties, not only from the 2024 class students who will become the committee but also the 2022 students who will graduate in October this year.

Written by Student Reporter (Rheza Mahesa Raharjo, Management 2023)