Passion needs to be sought and found, not innate. A senior lecturer at SBM ITB, Yuni Ros Bangun, is one of those people looking for their passion.

With 18 years of experience as a practitioner, Yuni finally found her passion as an academician. Yuni explained her reasons for becoming a lecturer at SBM ITB to the SBM ITB Marketing and Communication team on Thursday (29/9/2022).

Yuni joined SBM-ITB in 2005 when ITB opened SBM. Yuni was interested in becoming a management and business lecturer, even though she was almost 50.

She applied herself to become a lecturer. With the fulfillment of the requirements to be a business practitioner for more than ten years and a master’s degree from overseas, Yuni hopes this passion is channeled in the right place.

“The happiness I get while pursuing my passion as a lecturer is priceless; words can’t describe it, “said Yuni.

When teaching, her passion for business can be channeled by living in a business environment. At SBM ITB, many scientific networks spread everywhere.

It is not easy to move from being a practitioner to an academic. There was turbulence in the adaptation after she left her executive vice president career in banking and general manager in a private company to become a lecturer.

Yuni is very grateful to go through all the processes needed to realize her dream of becoming a lecturer and providing her students valuable perspectives on the business world. All of this cannot be separated from the participation and support of the family.

As a holistic teacher, Yuni obtained knowledge from various certifications and training related to Neuro Linguistic programs, Emotional Intelligence at Work certification, Problem Solving and Decision Making related to the Rationale Managers from Kepner & Tregoe Model, People Analytic from Cornell University, and Leadership and Decision Making from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Her interest in the managerial topic of women in business and non-profit organizations during her time with IPPM led to her book “Beyond Profit” published in 1989 by the Asian Institute of Management.

Yuni’s concern in educating students is enormous. As a graduate of Food Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, she often acts like a parent to her students.

Like educating her children, Yuni wants to shape all her students’ futures so they can be useful in the future. It was this motivation that Yuni brought to develop the nation’s intelligence and life in a better direction.

Being an educator is not easy, according to Yuni. Lecturers must create a conducive learning atmosphere through cognitive and affective learning designs to support holistic learning.

In addition, one of the challenges of being a lecturer is analyzing the characteristics of students. This analysis is also needed in teaching and learning activities to provide a constructive learning experience.

Her love for the academic world has led to several publications and scientific books, such as ABG Leadership and Organizational Behavior. In addition, Yuni’s enthusiasm for teaching grows by seeing students learning hard to build the future.

The graduate of Master of Business Management at the University of Oklahoma said that apart from seeing diligent students, interacting and joking with various academics while exploring various cafes and restaurants in between teaching time makes her happy. It relieves stress and improves the bonding between co-workers.

Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, EMBA 2021)
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