Master of Management Science (MSM) and Doctor of Management Science (DSM) held Kopi Sore (Afternoon Coffee) at Kresna Lounge SBM ITB on Thursday (6/10/22). Dr. Sahat Hutajulu S.T. M.M, a doctor of science management graduate from the ITB School of Business Management, was the speaker in the Kopi Sore, presenting the theme State of The Art (SOTA), a tool for students to determine research topics and write scientific journals.

Sahat introduced SOTA as a term to express the latest, newest, or most discussed things. In the realm of research, SOTA can also mean the latest research topics, hot topics that can be discussed, or the latest research results. Sahat added that “art” in SOTA does not mean art but refers to the latest techniques, technologies, or methodologies.

“How do we know that the thing we wrote is SOTA? There is only one way, namely, by learning. Conducting a SOTA review or critical literature review,” explained Sahat.

Sahat believes that students can adapt to each learning style. Either by watching videos, listening to podcasts, or reading the latest scientific articles as a reliable source. When you have received enough information, said Sahat, you can find the aspects or gaps that others have not discussed.

“Writing SOTA is 90% learning and 10% exploring what other people have written,” added Sahat.

This Kopi Sore was triggered by student anxiety and confusion in research, which was a problem for other DSM students. Some students then decided to create an open discussion forum with other students to treat the anxiety.

The plan is that the topics presented in the next episode of Kopi Sore will not only be limited to research topics but will adapt to the needs of other students, starting from undergraduate MBA, MSM, to DSM students.

Written by Student Reporter (Reyna Aszzura Rasyida, Management 2024)