After the difficult times faced by almost all businesses during the pandemic, now slowly the businesses that are able to survive are starting to spread their wings again. This is also done by Lalamove, an instant delivery company which has now been and is currently carrying out several business expansions after becoming one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Lalamove has successfully expanded to several areas such as Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Cirebon, and other areas. So what exactly is one of the keys behind the success of post-pandemic business expansion?

Responding to Post-Pandemic Challenges

HR plays an important role in understanding what happens in a business in times of transition. The two main challenges that need to be understood include changes in customer behavior and also the talent market. Changes in demand are one of the challenges which can then have an impact on employee restructuring, layoffs, and so on. HR must be able to help the business to be able to create a balance in it.

Key to HR Success in Business Expansion

When business expansion occurs, there are things related to manpower that need to be prepared properly by HR. Whether it’s in finding new talent or transferring existing talent to new expansion sites, all of that must be considered carefully. Not to mention HR’s efforts to also take part in managing the company’s business operations in new places. Therefore, the preparation of manpower held by HR is also one of the main factors for the success or failure of a business expansion in the post-pandemic.

Expansion Process Challenges faced by HR

There are three main challenges; the recruitment process, the existence of the company in a new place, and the condition of talent in each region. Of these three things, the challenge is in terms of the imbalance of information that exists in each region. When entering a new area, it is not only the recruitment itself that HR needs to work on, but also to understand how the company exists in the new place. If it is proven that its existence is not large, then this is also HR’s homework to then be able to make prospective talents recognize the company and in the end be able to screen the best talents.

HR Must Be Able to See The Helicopter View

If you still think that an HR only needs to understand humans, then that is a mistake. Taking on the role of an HR person also means being responsible for having a good understanding of the business from all sides. This is so that an HR can fully understand the objectives of each division, what challenges are in it, how the strategy is, and so on so that HR can manage the talent in it through the best approach.

Student Announcer: Angela Thrisananda Kusuma (Entrepreneurship 2022)
Interviewee: Imelda Natalia, MBA (People Operations Manager at Lalamove, Young Professional MBA Alumni Class of 2013)