Four teams of SBM ITB students won a prestigious national competition, the 2022 National Student Competition for Business, Management, and Finance (KBMK), which took place from 7-10 November 2022. The competition was under the National Achievement Center.

This year’s annual competition was held online, with Semen Indonesia International University, Gresik, as the host. The four SBM ITB student teams that won the competition were SuperBagger, Afreca, Jatinewyork, and PNG.

Jatinewyork won 1st place in the category of commercialization of appropriate research and technology by presenting its product, Cody Kit, which has been developed while the team being entrepreneurial students. Jatinewyor members Ananda Humaira Putri Salsabila (Entrepreneurship 2023), Nadhira Valenia Widyatama Putri (Entrepreneurship 2023), Afra Samantha (Entrepreneurship 2023), said this competition provides new insights, especially on analytical skills in the industry they are currently engaged in.

“Now, we are preparing for the launch of our new product, preparing the infrastructure,” said Ananda.

Afreca won 2nd place in the same category. This team consists of Adam Aliya Silmi (Management 2023), Frisca Nadya Febrianty (Management 2023), and Frederik Agustian Budiharja (Management 2023).

“We were confused when preparing for the competition. We didn’t come up with the business idea; we’re working in a hurry. Fortunately, we managed it,” said Adam.

Everyone on the team is busy with internships, academic activities, and other competitions. They must divide the work and plan meetings well before that date.

As for PnG, the only team consisting of two people, Ghanef Rayyan Hanisfy (Management 2023) and Pujangga Reogavi (Entrepreneurship 2023), came out as 1st place in the scientific writing category. Their theme is Strengthening and Expansion of Food Security and Sustainable Infrastructure Development in Support of the Priority Agenda of the Indonesian G20 Presidency.

“It’s a foreign theme to us,” said Ghanef. This team focuses on two main policies: land conversion and food security. Then, five programs were developed that can overcome these two problems.

Meanwhile, SuperBagger won 3rd place in the investment research competition. The team consists of Reynaldo Mulya (Management 2023), Peter Vieriawan (Management 2023), and Briana Alifia Putri Alwaliyyu (Entrepreneurship 2023). “It’s a very interesting competition so far; we need to research the company’s financial side. From the investor side, I need to put myself as the blackhead to know whether to invest in this company or not,” said Reynaldo, Team Leader of SuperBagger.

Even though these team members are busy with their businesses, they create a timeline and execution to make their goals easier to reach. “For us, if we fail to plan, we fail at everything,” Reynaldo said.

Students and coaches also played a big role in the success of the four teams. Muhammad Yorga Permana, S.T M.Sc, the mentor for the PnG team, said it was important to find a suitable partner as a team and determine goals before the competition.

“I want to congratulate Bobby and Roy for winning this competition. This is your achievement. Even though we were six hours apart, they arranged a time for mentoring with me. It’s amazing,” said Yoga, based in London, England. “I want to emphasize the mentor is only helping; the main effort is from the students.”

Written by Student Reporter (Agustin Anandia Kartika, Management 2024)