One Hundred MBA students from Batch 67 SBM ITB Bandung Campus attended the MBA67 Meeting with the theme “A New Hope” at the Nemangkawi Auditorium, Freeport Building, 6th Floor, SBM ITB on Saturday (10/12) ). This activity with Star Wars movie-themed decorations started at 18.00 WIB.

This gathering was to celebrate the first Semester Final Examination, which had just ended, and a friendly gathering for batch 67. The Chairperson of the Association of MBA Students (Asomba), Aliva Rachma Delia and the Chief Event Organizer, Aldo Jay Irawan, opened the event.

There are three programs in the Bandung Campus MBA 67 ITB Program. Namely Young Professional (YP), Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur), and Business Leadership Executive Master of Business Administration (BLEMBA). Representatives from the three programs attended this event.

Apart from his presence, every class also participates in performing. Among them was the appearance of the band DARK from Class YP 67 A, performing four songs.

After DARK’s performance, YP 67 B class performers invited participants to dance through the song “Heavy Rotation”, popularized by JKT48. After two class performances, the event was interspersed with word connect games.

The following session featured a band titled IBIZA by YP 67 C. As the best performers of the day, they performed three songs.

The performance was continued by three solo singers from the Entrepreneur class. The three singers performed songs in different languages: English, Japanese and Javanese.

Furthermore, the last game was delivered with the concept of guessing. There are seven pairs of guessing participants.

One partner holds a stocking to put on the other’s face. Participants who wanted to answer must fight over the microphone provided. The game was lively because those stockings funny making funny faces.

Performers from the BLEMBA program also graced the event in the last session. The last performer was a solo singer from class YP67B.

The event was closed by giving prizes to the winners of each game and awards for the categories of best women’s and men’s costumes and best performers.

Written by Student Reporter (Aliva Rachma Delia, MBA YP 67)