The Ganesha Fair event, which was held on Saturday (10/12/2022), took place in a lively manner. All new students of SBM ITB 2022 ran this event and attracted much interest from outsiders, where the number of guests reached 1,000 people.

This event was held at Critical 11, precisely located at Jln. Padjadjaran Dalam No.148. The Ganesha Fair is the last event for SBM ITB 2022 students in the first semester and the final project of the Experienced-Based Management Learning course.

Ganesha Fair contains booths made by students. Each booth offers exciting activities and has its distinctive theme.

Some sell food and fun games such as video games in the 90s and archery; some offer activities related to art and artistic, for example, painting on canvas or small exhibitions about the works of Vincent Van Gogh. There was also a haunted house ride, no less remarkable than other booths, where we had to try to get out by solving puzzles.

The Ganesha Fair begins with remarks from Project Chair Anselma Sita. Students get discount coupons to buy food or exchange it at a booth that sells food.

Several finalists from the band competition also attended the Ganesha Fair. They performed several songs to enliven the event and were immediately judged by the jury.

Fashion show appearances by students also appeared at this event. There are three themes, namely costumes from the movie “The Greatest Showman,” the popular TV series “Euphoria,” and recycled clothes.

Some recycled-themed clothing uses burlap sacks and dresses from newspapers to magazines. The fashion show appearance was closed with a flash mob by the members.

The event continued with the announcement of winners and awards for the best booth and others. After that, all SBM ITB 2022 students sang together to end this magnificent event. Everyone enjoy this event and felt happy.

“This event was entertaining; there were lots of interesting activities. I played a few games earlier. I enjoy and enjoy this event; it’s great,” said Evan Dzakka, one of the visitors to the Ganesha Fair.

Written by Student Reporter (Luthfaliya Zahira, Management 2025)