After three years, the School of Business Management (SBM) of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) is finally hosting Kreanesia once more this year. This year, Kreanesia saw the first collaboration between SBM ITB undergraduate and MBA students studying entrepreneurship. A person with extensive commercial experience and a long history in the business world is today's resource person. How did Bang Jeff and Naufal manage their company after that? What are the present-day business problems and their solutions?

4 Main Foundation on Business

Business is very dynamic! This phrase accurately describes how a business operates. A lot of changes could happen when running a business. The four basic pillars of business, including finance, marketing, supply chain, and human resources, were clarified by Bang Jeff and Naufal. A company can be deemed to be an ideal business if it adheres to these 4 principles.

Mindset, Spirit, and Mental is a Key!

Challenges will always face business. For a businessman, risks and obligations are daily fare. Post-pandemic recovery is undoubtedly a significant issue for businesspeople in the current environment. The secret to overcoming business issues may lie in your mindset, spirit, and mind. The mindset of an entrepreneur must undoubtedly differ from that of the average person; when faced with difficulties in running a business, it is essential to be imaginative and solution-oriented. With a strong Spirit to “fight” for it, the company will definitely overcome hardship. Finally, attitude refers to the mindset that an entrepreneur needs to have. A businessman must be ready for any situation that their company may encounter. By having these three things, surely a businessman will always be ready for all the challenges that they will face in front of them.

Digitalization is a New Chapter in Business

Following its recovery from the post-pandemic slump, business is now moving into the next phase, known as digitalization. Although the concept of digitization in business is not new, it increasingly appears to be a requirement for a company to grow. If businessman want to ensure the survival and expansion of their company, they must take this into account.

Kreanesia is a Tool for Actualization

Kreanesia is here to help young entrepreneurs materialize their businesses as a means of responding to any business difficulties. After three years of delays brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, Kreanesia was once more held by SBM ITB this year. On Saturday, November 26, 2022, Krenesia will take place in the Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) in Bandung. According to Bang Jeff and Naufal, this is the ideal momentum for young entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. Business owners can learn how their company is run by attending this event. They will have face-to-face interactions with customers, forge stronger commercial ties, and obtain knowledge and inspiration for their company.

Krenesia’s main hope is the revival of the business spirit

Kreanesia was established to assist young business owners in growing their businesses. Suddenly, Jeff and Naufal began to speak in a loud voice before turning around. Kreanesia doesn’t just grow businesses; it also has the power to rekindle the confidence of young entrepreneurs as they pursue their own ventures. After their business was severely damaged by a long-lasting pandemic, young entrepreneurs started to lose their cool and started to make mistakes in their business ventures.

Student Announcer: Lukman Fauzan Hakim (BLEMBA Batch 67)
Interviewee: Nur Islami Javad, MBA (Chief Digital startup, Ecommerce & Fintech (DEF) at PT. Sharing Vision Indonesia, Young Professional MBA Alumni Class of 2015), Naufal Dhamiri Syifa (President of IMK Artha, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Student Class of 2023)