SBM ITB Jakarta campus successfully held the annual Leadership Night 2022 event in Jakarta, Hotel JS Luwansa, on Tuesday (11/12). The event also took place in a hybrid way which can be watched online.

The Leadership Night contains an agenda of leadership insights and an award event for the best students, alumni, and academics of SBM ITB Jakarta Campus who are dedicated to the campus. Consistent for 11 years inviting inspirational leaders from across the archipelago to become Public Lectures, this year Leadership Night 2022 invited the governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, to share some of his experiences and achievements while serving as Mayor of Bandung and Governor of West Java until now.

The theme of the public lecture that Kang Emil brought was “In Harmonia Progressio: From Ganesha, West Java is a Champion”. Kang Emil said that we are all leaders. Most fundamentally, we are leaders for ourselves.

For example, in every decision we make, it already describes the role of a leader: making decisions. The next stage of the leader after the leader himself is the leader of the family and the leader of the community.

As a leader, Kang Emil adheres to the principles taught from Islam, namely the intention of leadership for worship, a commitment to benefit many people, and the awareness that power is only temporary. The variety of benefits referred to are not only in the form of material benefits, but also benefits with time, benefits with energy, benefits with knowledge, and benefits with power. This must also be carried out sincerely.

Kang Emil added that the size of leadership is assessed from two aspects, personality and transformational power. Kang Emil is known for his leadership style which is relaxed, humorous, and likes to greet people directly. Based on his experiments, this is what makes people trust and close to their leaders. However, not only from personality, a leader must also have professional competence, adaptive to change, visionary, and innovator.

At the end of the event, during the question and answer session Kang Emil said that we must be individuals who can listen to other people. Accept positive criticism and always try to be better every day. If you have a problem, you have to face it optimistically. Get along with a good environment because networking is everything.

After the public lecture, Leadership Night 2022 continued with awarding the best students, alumni, and the academic community of SBM ITB Campus. The following are the award recipients and their categories:

Best Student Business Leadership Executive MBA award
Fiona Diserty Sebayang and Weni Levin R. Blegur

MBA Best Student Entrepreneurship Award
Rahma Hanum Kusuma Putri and Siti Azzahra Khairunnisa

Best Student General Management MBA Award
Reza Rhamadany and Marco David Hamonangan

Best Student Strategic Marketing Executive MBA Award
Noski Pandapotan Samosir

Best Student Energy Management Executive MBA Award
Rahardian Aji Saputra

Best Student Sustainability Executive MBA Award
Joyanta Chakraborty

Best Student Doctor of Science Award in Management
Akhmad Hadi Susanto

Best Academic Lecturer Award
Amilia Wulansari

Best Practitioner Lecturer
Rivana Meyaza

The Distinguished Alumni
Nicky Claraentia Pratiwi

10 Years of Service and Dedication (Civitas Academica)

The Most Outstanding Staff of SBM ITB Jakarta Campus
Kinanti Utami

Written by Student Reporter (Defrina Dwifani, MSM 2022)