The creative industry, with its unlimited variety of creative products, presents both potential and challenges. One of the challenges is the high uncertainty in product demand, especially in the media and app development sector, where the highest share of innovators can be found.

This circumstance poses a high challenge for the organization in a high growth mode. In addition, disruptive innovation changes consumption patterns and job or knowledge qualifications.

Widya Nandini proposes the concept of individual adaptive performance as the main output to help organizations navigate this uncertainty. She defended this concept in her doctoral dissertation exam on Friday (13/1).

The dissertation entitled “Perspectives on Social Learning Theory: Mechanisms of Work Engagement, Active Learning, and Individual Adaptive Performance in Creative Industries, Cases of Media Development and Applications” focuses on the process of individual learning and adaptation in the workplace, to build individual adaptive performance. This research demonstrates the central role of work engagement in bridging the mutual determinism between active learning and individual adaptive performance, broadens understanding of the mechanisms between active learning and adaptive performance through a classical social theory approach to learning, and explains the individual active and passive learner mechanisms that support the process of shifting approaches that learner-oriented.

This research also has several managerial implications. Among them is the importance of active learning in building individual adaptive performance through organizational roles, such as work control and organizational support, and important factors from cognitive factors, such as growth mindset and work involvement in learning, and employee adaptive performance from individual growth mindsets from personal goals. Organizations must facilitate personal goals and encourage the career orientation and aspirations of their employees to develop and maintain high job involvement.

Widya’s research has resulted in several publications, including in an internationally reputable journal with the Scopus Q2 index, entitled “The Mechanism of an Individual Internal Process of Work Engagement, Active Learning and Adaptive Performance,” and in the Business and Bureaucracy journal, with the Sinta 2 index, entitled “Antecedents and Consequences of Individual Adaptive Performance: A Systematic Study of the Literature.” This research was also presented at an international conference entitled “Bridging Individual Adaptive Performance and Learning Process: A Systematic Literature Review.”

Written by Student Reporter (Janitra Nuraryani, Management 2023)