A urinal bag manufacturer from Bandung, CV Sankimo Okta, has a unique business model. They implement sustainable business practices called GUSTI: Digitally Agile, Profitable, Circular, Bandung Resistant, and Inclusive.

In making pee bags, they use biodegradable plastic. They also use polybag pots for seeding and decomposing the waste from the urinal bag into fertilizer.

“In doing business, we should not only focus on the profit and people but the planet so that our business is sustainable,” said Mariana Oktavia, the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Co-Founder of CV Sankimo Okta Violet, in a guest lecture on Business Model and Product Innovation at SBM ITB, Bandung, on Friday (17/3).

Mariana delivered a “Business Model and Product Innovation for Sustainable Business” presentation in her guest lecture. Mariana started this business and often came across the words “Don’t Pee Here” when she studied for her master’s degree in the Philippines. Upon returning to Indonesia, Mariana felt the anxiety that many people had about not being able to hold her urine.

There is no best solution to overcome this. Sometimes, if we can’t find a toilet, we use plastic as pee containers, which gives off a bad smell. From there, Mariana took the initiative to make a urinal bag.

Assisted by her partner then, the product development process lasted two years. At first, paper was the primary material until he switched to plastic, which had gel technology inside to absorb urine. That is precisely how diapers work.

In 2019, the product’s trial and error process finally paid off. Sankimo Okta Violet won as UMKM Champion in West Java. In running her business, Mariana pays close attention to every aspect of her business model.

“In the office, we evaluate large business model posters regularly,” said Mariana.

Mariana always ensures that each Sankimo urinal bag product is differentiated according to its customers. There are no rejected items for sale. Every key business partner gets the best treatment. Sankimo also continues to innovate by issuing other products with various price ranges to reach all economic segments of society.

Written by Student Reporter (Firstya Maulida, Entrepreneurship 2023)