Management Student class of 2024, SBM ITB, Ramel Akil Pratama, selected as the outstanding student of Management study program 2023. In this competition, Ramel brought the value of Sustainable Development Goals No. 13 related to climate change.

For Ramel, climate change is triggered by many things, including business activity. Therefore, he wants to solve the macro impact of the issue by taking climate action on business. “Climate action to business action,” said Ramel.

Ramel selected as candidate in the Selection for an Outstanding Student (Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi-Pilmapres) organized by the National Achievement Center at the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. This competition is a prestigious event for students, with the selection criteria ranging from academic and non-academic achievements to contributions to the environment.

Ramel acknowledged that the challenges associated with the outstanding student event are substantial. This was a new experience for him. Despite facing a tight schedule due to numerous assignments and balancing academic and non-academic activities, Ramel views these challenges as opportunities for personal growth and improvement.

One of Ramel’s notable achievements that significantly contributed to the PilMapres event was his triumph in the HSBC Business Case Competition and the FWD SpringboardX Student Challenge. Additionally, he has actively participated in various business plan and business case competitions. With a total of 20 competition achievements under his belt, Ramel utilized them as leverage to participate in the PilMapres event. Notably, he secured funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) for his business venture, Tutor. In.

To effectively balance academic and non-academic activities, Ramel follows the principle of proportion and prioritization. This entails categorizing activities based on their level of importance and the time they require for completion. By doing so, he can devise a suitable and efficient strategy to tackle the tasks at hand.

Ramel advised his fellow students. “Find your way! Because independence is a value that every student must have, there is no obligation to be an outstanding student, and there is no mistake in being mediocre. It is important to understand the meaning of life and the purpose of life,” said Ramel. “The point is being independent in choosing, setting goals in proportion and prioritization, and being yourself.”

Written by Student Reporter (Eli Sulistyowati, Management 2024)