Entrepreneurship Student Association (IMK) “Artha” held an IMKapasar program entitled “Ngalukis Cihapit” in the Cihapit Market area, Bandung City, Sunday (14/5). This activity also involved ITB students from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, high school students, and students majoring in entrepreneurship who wanted to impact Cihapit Market as volunteers from the IMKapasar program.

The Head of IMK “Artha”, Naufal Dhamiri Syifa, explained that IMK “Artha” ITB currently has two work programs focusing on long-term projects and developing a place, one of which is IMKapasar. IMKapasar’s work program has the primary vision to beautify, promote and develop Pasar Cihapit, Bandung, whose sales have decreased by 80% during the pandemic.

“So Ngalukis Cihapit is a series of IMKapasar events, namely the IMK Artha work program, focusing on community social activities,” explained Nufal.

According to him, IMK “Artha” aims to educate aspiring young entrepreneurs about the significance of the local market as the closest and most fundamental entrepreneurial laboratory, which also plays a vital role in the country. The market serves as a platform to control inflation, regulate the flow of goods, and set the wheels of the economy in motion.

“We envision these aspiring entrepreneurs to emerge from within society, enabling them to actively contribute to the development of Indonesia’s market ecosystem in the future,” he further emphasized during the event.

IMK “Artha” targets this program to be Cihapit Market traders as the baseline for the program and portfolio for the first project.

“We want social activities to be not only cool but also sustainable. So far, community development activities have been primarily focused on short-term engagement rather than long-term development,” explained Naufal.

According to Naufal, IMK “Artha” wants this activity to be long-term, not just an activity that occurs only once, so the construction does not continue. And from his first milestone through this painting day.

Also, through the Ngalukis Cihapit program, IMK “Artha” wants to introduce to prospective young entrepreneurs that the social world is also fun. Not only about making seminars but can be done in the form of artistic creations. So many collaborations can be created to participate in introducing that community development can be done creatively.

This activity is not the first community service activity carried out. Previously, IMK “Artha” had held many similar activities at Cihapit Market. Collaborating with Cihapit Market Supervisor Lik Gayantini, IMK “Artha” targets this long-term and sustainable program to help apply entrepreneurship knowledge obtained in class.

Written by Student Reporter (Bashravie Thamrin, Management 2024)