The Marketing Management guest lecture session by Aiku, a software company from Indonesia and Germany, took place differently Monday (23/5). Instead of providing material, their two main directors, Soraya Rosadha and Siegfried Eckstedt, actually challenged students of the Young Professional 68 B class, Master of Business Administration (MBA) ITB, to actively solve case studies and play roles.

Aiku divides the lecture sessions into three parts: case studies, lectures, discussions, and business competitions. The winning group will be displayed on Aiku’s official website. As a German-based company, Aiku will expand its business to Indonesia.

According to Aiku, the four foundations of building a good team are: building a team, earning revenue, brand visibility, and service delivery. All students can be marketers of artificial intelligence software products in Indonesia to gain revenue and brand visibility.

In the first case study, students must determine the target consumers, the path to reach the target consumers, and the product and company value proposition given to consumers. This case study is in accordance with the Marketing Management learning syllabus implemented at MBA program. After the small groups have their strategies to achieve these goals, they present the results of their discussions to 1 other small group. The groups that give presentations to each other will then become one big group for discussion in the next session.

Before starting the second discussion session, Soraya conveyed several obstacles to starting a business, one of which was the failure of financial management which caused a cash shortage in the company. Against this background, the second discussion is dominated by case studies on financial management in the marketing sphere. Among other things, the budget distribution plan for investment in sales and marketing tools, the percentage of the budget distribution obtained through funding for the next five years, and determining revenue streams through this funding.

At the end of the session, Aiku announced the winner of the case study discussion. According to Siegfried Eckstedt, the winner is determined based on the sound financial management of the group. He revealed that the guest lecture was a way of reflecting on the company. Companies can learn from students, and conversely, students can learn from companies.

MBA ITB Young Professional 68 B students after Marketing Management guest lecture session with two prominent directors from Aiku
Written by Student Reporter (Aliva Rachma Delia, MBA YP 67)