The Entrepreneurship Student Association (IMK) ‘Artha’ SBM ITB once again enlivened the campus atmosphere by holding a Sports Edition of the Ngostum Bareng (Nggoreng) event (11/9). This event has become inseparable from Wirussian student life (the nickname for SBM ITB entrepreneurship students) to maintain its popularity as one of the most anticipated social events.

This event is an initiative of the Culture and Engagement Division of IMK ‘Artha,’ conducted every two weeks. Beyond serving as a source of entertainment, Nggoreng also endeavors to strengthen the bonds among IMK ‘Artha‘ members and ignite their creativity in adhering to a predetermined theme.

“In their day-to-day lives, students often find themselves engrossed in coursework and academic commitments. Nggoreng offers them an opportunity to come together, have fun, and foster better mutual understanding,” explained Restu Kurrotul Ayun, affectionately known as Ayun, the Chief Executive of Nggoreng, elucidating the reasons behind organizing Nggoreng.

The theme of sports was chosen for this edition of Nggoreng to commemorate National Sports Day on September 9. Nggoreng took place on September 11, close to National Sports Day. The organizing committee opted for a sports theme as a gesture of recognition for the significance of a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise.

“Additionally, we aspire to motivate our members to actively engage in physical activities,” added Ayun.

The Nggoreng event is brimming with many entertaining and vibrant activities that engage its members. Participants arrive adorned in unique and creatively designed sports costumes, engaging in spirited interactions and playful commentary about each other’s outfits.

During the lunch break, members held creative content creation sessions, which were then shared on IMK ‘Artha’ social media. Event documentation is also an essential part of preserving beautiful memories.

“Through Nggoreng, we aspire to provide IMK ‘Artha’ members with the invaluable experience of participating in themed events where costume creativity thrives. Our goal is to foster an environment where every member feels at ease expressing themselves, caring for one another, and fortifying the familial bonds that unite us,” Ayun expressed. “We aim to break down social barriers and ensure that all members are recognized and embraced.”

The committee has yet to finalize the theme for the upcoming Nggoreng event. However, there are considerations to host it in the fourth week of this month, coinciding with National Farmers’ Day.

“We think this theme will be challenging and interesting, especially because our Culture and Engagement Division will coordinate it,” continued Ayun.

The Sports Edition of the Ngostum Together (Nggoreng) event goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a testament to IMK ‘Artha’ SBM ITB’s role in nurturing students’ social bonds, creativity, and passion for sports. We hope this event can inspire other organizations, encouraging them to foster solidarity and a collaborative spirit among their members.

Written by Student Reporter (Fairuuz Fawwas Alfarizi T, Entrepreneurship 2024)