In today’s era of rapid communication, a wide range of information and knowledge is transmitted swiftly. Social media is an effective tool for sharing and marketing information and knowledge. As a result, academics and researchers need to utilize this medium to disseminate their research findings.

The MSM-DSM Lounge Program (Master of Science and Management and Doctor of Science and Management) at SBM ITB, recently invited academics and content creators D.Sc. (Tech.) Imam Santoso, ST., M.Phil, to share insights with master’s and doctoral students on Thursday (19/10). Imam, a lecturer from the ITB Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM), is a content creator with 134,000 followers. Imam addressed the theme “Research Communication in the Academic-Influencer Realm,” with the event being moderated by DSM program student Rina Ariyanthi Dewi, M.A.

According to Imam, the content creation field has seen active academic participation. He mentioned several academics and content creators in Indonesia and worldwide who have adopted a data dissemination approach through social media.

The advantages of using social media to promote academic research encompass speed and cost-effectiveness, ease of access, interactivity, visual and multimedia elements, self-presentation, engagement, and collaboration. The social media revolution has empowered researchers to share their findings and actively contribute to the public discourse.

Imam also presented data illustrating the extent of outreach on social media, serving as evidence that influencer-style communication can simplify complex concepts, engage a broader audience, and enhance the impact of academic work.

Imam outlined several guidelines for academics aspiring to become influencers, including sharing accurate information, citing sources, engaging ethically, disclosing conflicts of interest, respecting privacy, moderating content, providing regular updates, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity, and promoting specific fields, not just themselves.

Written by Student Reporter (Aliva Rachma Delia, MBA YP 67)