In this era of technological advances and ever-changing consumer preferences, digital banks are essential to adapting to changes in consumer behavior. The contemporary financial landscape has undergone tremendous transformation. Digital banking platforms are strategically aligning themselves with changing customer needs and expectations. This evolution reflects an industry-wide commitment to not only embrace digitalization but also to deeply understand the behavior and preferences of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Students from the SBM ITB, explored the essence of changes in consumer behavior at the digital bank when they visited the blu by BCA Digital office on November 27, 2023, at The City Tower Building, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This visit provided in-depth insight into the digital landscape shaping the banking industry.

Several blu management representatives welcomed the students. Tiurma Selvya Malau, Head of Customer Experience Development at PT Bank Digital BCA (blu by BCA Digital), discussed that almost 80% of individuals under 40 have used BCA Digital. These figures highlight a paradigm shift at BCA, which has traditionally been seen as serving mostly individuals over 40. Tiurma underlined the importance of adapting to the ever-evolving digital world while maintaining a human touch.

“Understanding consumer behavior is not just about accepting digitalization but also encouraging a humane approach,” said Tiurma. He emphasized the importance of events, collaboration, surveys, push notifications, and direct consumer engagement to understand customer desires effectively.

Meanwhile, Andreanus Setiawan, Senior AVP Growth & Acquisition PT Bank Digital BCA (blu by BCA Digital), highlighted the dynamics of changes in the digital era in the banking industry. The rapid transition to a cashless society forces banks to redefine efficient digital transfers, creating innovative concepts in combining multiple savings into one account. All this meets the dynamic needs of modern consumers.

Andreanus also emphasized the importance of call centers, social media presence, and increasing customer support in the digital banking ecosystem. SBM ITB’s visit to the blu by the BCA Digital office provided interesting insights into the mix of customer-centric digital innovation, reflecting the ever-evolving modern banking landscape.

Written by Student Reporter (Nabilla Rizky, MBA YP68C)