On Tuesday (5/12), 50 MSMEs actively participated in various activities organized by the Organizational Behavior and Managing People (OBMP) lecture project at SBM ITB. The activities encompassed obtaining halal product certification with the support of Kimia Farma, exploring traditional business methods through LINK at Perry Floating Market, digitalizing marketplaces with Tokopedia, and benefiting from success stories shared by Iketan.

This project was made possible through collaboration between Incubaze, PT Len Industri, and SBM ITB, which aims to foster the development of MSMEs in Bandung. The activities spanned the entire day, from 07:45 am to 4:30 pm, engaging 50 MSMEs facilitated by Incubaze and PT Len Industri. Simultaneously, MBA ITB conducted interactive discussions and coaching sessions with MSMEs to formulate strategies and enhance their marketing approaches. 

Nikolas Fiansa Buddhisuharto, the chief executive, highlighted that this initiative, besides being a requirement for fulfilling the final exam score for the OBMP course, is a tangible embodiment of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, particularly in community service. Involving MBA ITB students, this project strives to genuinely contribute to developing MSMEs, specifically in digital marketing and branding. 

The impact extends beyond SBM ITB and the direct participants to benefit MSMEs through certification, training, and guidance. This project exemplifies the practical application of knowledge gained in lectures, especially concerning conflict management, leadership, and teamwork. The Incubaze team ensures the sustainability of this program, which is contingent on cooperation and community needs.

This initiative underscores that hands-on experience in managing conflict, leading, and collaborating in teams provides a profound understanding that is challenging to attain through theoretical learning alone. The project has positively impacted the development of MSMEs in Bandung while offering valuable experiential learning for MBA ITB students. 

Written by Student Reporter (Batari Citra, MBA ENTRE 2023)