The Bandung Institute of Technology MBA Student Association (ASOMBA ITB) organized the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 in Bandung on December 16. This event celebrates unity, camaraderie, and a collaborative spirit within the SBM ITB community, including students, alumni, and lecturers.

The Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 commenced with PII Goes to Campus in the morning and the Open House MBA Program Info Session x Kreanesia in the afternoon. The event peaked in the afternoon to evening, featuring activities such as Career and business Discourse, Alumni Pitching, Student Culinary Exhibition, and Crea-Talk.

Several alumni and students served as the speakers in the creative talk and alumni pitching sessions, including Fanny Wijaya from the MBA Alumni Association (IA MBA), Aditya Pratama Ghifary (IA MBA), and Aditya Pratama Ghifary (Entre 69, Class of 2023).

Isti Rafaaldini Mirzanti, a lecturer at SBM ITB, commended ASOMBA ITB for organizing the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023. She hoped this event can foster friendship and enhance collaboration within the SBM ITB community. She advised students to make the most of this opportunity.

Owen Jacob N, Chairman of ASOMBA ITB 2023, shared that the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 was designed to be a moment of friendship, increase ASOMBA ITB’s exposure, strengthen partnerships with companies and industries, and encourage member participation. It serves as a moment for students, alumni, and the community to connect and build relationships, offering a chance to unwind after completing final semester exams.

Daffa Adjisena, Chief Executive of Kreanesia, emphasized that relying solely on academics is insufficient in the academic and professional world. Individuals should strive to excel in various aspects, including social skills and networking. Daffa hopes that the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 can cater to these needs.

Widya Tama, MBA 68, an event visitor, expressed that the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 was exciting and inspiring. He appreciated the diverse culinary delights offered by all culinary stands and hopes that there will be a special session for closer bonding with alumni in the coming years. The student-owned culinary businesses, including Kopte Cibabat, Kopi Bahagia, Pertehmina, and others, added to the Kreanesia Night Festival 2023 appeal. All culinary stands were open and free for all event visitors.

Written by Student Reporter (Ihsan Taufiq, MBA YP 68 2023)