Funding is a complex aspect of startup entrepreneurship. To shed light on this intricate process, E-Club organized Venture Velocity Vista, an event to elucidate the nuances of venture capital funding in startup entrepreneurship in Jakarta on Saturday (9/12). This seminar featured presentations from Ahmad Luthfi, Managing Director of TalentHub, and Clarissa Alvina Gunawan, Value Creation Manager at AlphaJWC.

Ahmad Luthfi presented a session titled “Bridging Gaps, Recognizing Momentum,” where he discussed TalentHub, a platform created in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Addressing the escalating unemployment rate and the shift to remote work, TalentHub emerged as a solution to bridge the productivity gap across various sectors. Ahmad underscored the significance of Character Building as a crucial aspect of talent development, emphasizing its profound impact on startups and large companies. He encouraged seminar participants to be prepared for technology-based solutions, pay attention to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and anticipate challenges arising from skills gaps.

Clarissa Alvina, representing AlphaJWC, described the company as Southeast Asia’s leading venture capital firm. AlphaJWC, guided by General Partners with a strong track record, manages USD 650 million in assets, boasts 70+ active portfolios, has contributed to the success of 4 unicorns, and achieved 9 successful exits across various sectors. Clarissa explained the workings of venture capital, providing insights into the company’s impressive achievements.

Written by E-club MBA Jakarta team