January 18, 2024. A Leader’s Talk featuring a diverse panel of modern business leaders was organized in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of SBM ITB. Topics discussed included reinventing leadership paradigms in the context of innovation and an ever-changing technological landscape.

The talk-show session commenced with an opening address from the Dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio, M.SME, and insights from four main speakers with expertise in various domains. The discussion was moderated by Ilma Aulia Zaim, an SBM lecturer specializing in strategic business and marketing, who delved into their respective businesses’ motivations.

Dimas Ramadhan Pangestu, also known as “Meatguy,” shed light on the concept of niche markets, stressing the significance of identifying and capitalizing on unique market opportunities, particularly within the meat business sector. Fahmi Hendrawan, the founder of Fatih Fashion, shared his journey into the world of men’s Muslim fashion, emphasizing the vast potential and demographic relevance of this market niche.

Dr. Tirta Hudhi, an MBA graduate from the ITB Jakarta Campus, emphasized the critical role of data-driven decision-making and cultivating the right mindset for effective business management. Dr. Tirta emphasized the importance of cash flow as the lifeblood of any enterprise and highlighted key management concepts such as fishbone diagrams for decision-making and effective delegation of work.

As the conversation evolved, the moderator probed the panellists on their views regarding expectations versus reality. This prompted insights from Fahmi on team management and the transition from idealistic expectations to pragmatic business realities. He stated the importance of team management and self-leadership and emphasized that employees are more than just numbers. He appealed to leaders to focus on team dynamics and personal growth.

Later, Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo, the CEO of the Gelora Bung Karno Complex Management Center, underscored the pillars of authentic leadership for the younger generation, emphasizing honesty, lifelong learning, integrity, and ethics. Additionally, Dr. Tirta advocated for self-development, consistency, and clarity of goals, while Fahmi emphasized the importance of passion, perseverance, resilience, and spiritual strength for the younger generation. Dimas stressed the significance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and avoiding impulsivity to focus on long-term objectives.

The Leader’s Talk provided valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring business leaders, highlighting the importance of adaptability, strategic thinking, and ethical leadership in navigating today’s dynamic business landscape.

Written by Student Reporter (Agustin Anandia Kartika, Management 2024)