A student’s alma mater continues influencing them even after graduation. It can foster new connections with past and future students and open up various opportunities. This potential is found within the Institut Teknologi Bandung Management Science Alumni Association (IA-SM ITB). It is the focal point of R. Adrian Ariatin, S.Sn., MBA, DSM, as the alumni chairman for the next 5 years (2024-2029). Adrian was appointed chairman at an alumni gathering on January 13, 2023.

Journey from Student to Alumni

Adrian’s journey from student to alumni began when he was enrolled in the MBA program in 2014, followed by the Doctor of Management Science program in 2019. He experienced significant changes upon entering this academic environment compared to before. “Coming from a practitioner background, the atmosphere here is very different from what I was accustomed to. There’s a strong emphasis on science, research, and various technical terms,” said Adrian during a meeting in Bandung (22/1).

Adrian smoothly completed his master’s and doctoral degrees. After graduating from his doctoral program, IA-SM announced the search for a new association head. Adrian seized this opportunity with support from his colleagues, professors, and educational staff at SBM ITB.

Adrian’s nomination as alumni chairman came with an interesting twist. At the time, he was performing Umrah, which posed challenges to his nomination process. Nevertheless, Adrian embraced this opportunity with encouragement from his peers and began formulating his vision and mission. The entire process, including document preparation and campaign implementation, occurred asynchronously and online over two days. “I had limited time then. Once the materials were ready, I promptly shared them with my friends in the MSM-DSM alumni group,” added Adrian. “As an illustrator, I adorned the materials with my drawings. Given the plethora of MSM and DSM-related matters, papers, and dissertations, I thought it would make the content more engaging.”

Upcoming Challenges

Upcoming Challenges When asked about his goals for this tenure, Adrian noted the relatively low number of alumni during his time in the MBA program. “I didn’t even know much about IA-SM back then. I had to inquire with several alumni, and from there, I learned about the existing needs and unresolved issues,” he said.

One significant challenge is the lack of connection among members, particularly between MSM and DSM students. Many individuals are unfamiliar with each other, except for those actively involved on campus. Adrian believes many of them possess tremendous potential to positively impact the internal MSM, DSM community, and external stakeholders. “For instance, many MSM and DSM students struggle with paper writing. However, many of our alumni are willing to offer assistance. Some have even developed programs to help them, from paper-writing workshops to proofreading services. Additionally, some alumni have established their journals, which is remarkable,” noted Adrian. “These are examples of business potentials that can be realized through collaborative efforts, which is also one of IA-SM’s responsibilities.”

The Future for Alumni and Students Together

Adrian’s position as Chair of IA-SM is a new beginning for this association. He aims to transform IA-SM into an active, dynamic, and professional organization that benefits its members and current MSM and DSM students. Simultaneously, Adrian endeavors to create enjoyable and exciting moments for all members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. “Everyone deserves to have fun,” expressed Adrian. “Who says graduate studies can’t be as enjoyable as undergraduate studies?”

Written by Student Reporter (Abdurrafi Prayata Abidin, Management 2024)