Unlike other faculties, the academic journey for students at the SBM ITB is faster. However, this rapid pace doesn’t negate the significance of the moments and memories forged during their studies. These experiences shouldn’t simply fade away after graduation. Therefore, the SBM ITB Alumni Association exists, dedicated to preserving alumni memories and fostering enduring connections. This year, IA-SBM ITB welcomes its new chairman, Novrizal Pratama, who will serve from 2024 to 2027.

Pioneer of Student Affairs at SBM ITB

Novrizal, or Rizal, enrolled in SBM ITB in 2004 as a member of its inaugural class. Coming from Medan, North Sumatra, Rizal reflects on how his journey at SBM broadened his perspective.

“Studying at SBM entailed captivating courses and interactive teaching methods alongside numerous practical sessions. I felt significant personal and academic growth even in my first year,” remarked Rizal on January 27, 2024. 

As part of the pioneering cohort, Rizal and his peers encountered skepticism from other faculties at ITB. Undeterred, they initiated various student activities at SBM, including tournaments, community service projects (such as the Satoe Indonesia organization), and festivals featuring international guests. All of this was accomplished amidst their demanding academic schedules. 

Journey to Climb the Career World

Upon graduation, Rizal experienced the influence of being an ITB alumni, particularly from SBM. Remarkably, within 2-3 weeks post-graduation, he got a job offer from Citibank, one of Indonesia’s leading international banks.

Rizal ventured into diverse industries thereafter. From managing a sand mine in West Java to spearheading an expert customer loyalty program at Indosat, he realized the practical applicability of SBM’s teachings in advancing his career. “After gaining substantial work experience, Rizal decided to pivot towards his interests: technology, creativity, and marketing.” 

In late 2012, Rizal established a digital agency which later evolved into Akaraya, boasting a portfolio of over 200 clients, both domestic and multinational. At Akaraya, Rizal oversaw projects of varying scales, from content creation and website development to nationwide campaigns.

He further ventured into initiatives such as the Little Clinic, an educational platform supporting maternal health and child development, and founded a foundation aiding creative workers during the pandemic. Additionally, he established a non-profit organization, “Ekraf,” supporting the creative economy in Jakarta and its environs.

One of Rizal’s recent endeavors is Gaspack, a web3 company empowering creators through blockchain technology.

“Although blockchain and crypto have faced skepticism since 2020, they offer valuable features. The challenge lies in remaining relevant in this volatile industry and delivering accessible technology,” expressed Rizal.

The Future of IA-SBM ITB

As Chairman of IA SBM ITB, Rizal aims to strengthen alumni relations. He underscores the importance of robust alumni data collection and engaging events involving alumni participation as primary objectives during his tenure. Rizal has devised various activities, from events and networking platforms to podcasts, to showcase the talents and expertise of SBM ITB alumni. Additionally, he plans to establish an endowment fund to support student programs and scholarships, enhancing student activities and facilities at SBM. 

However, Rizal also emphasized the importance of meticulous planning to ensure positive outcomes from these initiatives. He believes in continuous improvement and fostering a sense of camaraderie among alumni.

Finally, Rizal asked for support from the SBM ITB community for the success of these programs. He envisions nurturing meaningful relationships through available opportunities and enriching alumni lives post-graduation. 

“To current students, utilize your time wisely. Your experiences at SBM will profoundly shape your career trajectory. Dare to take risks and cultivate relationships with your fellow alumni. Rest assured, our paths will cross again,” urged Rizal. “To alumni, my message is simple: Encourage fellow alumni to join our events. Your contribution doesn’t need to be substantial. Simply participate, follow us on Instagram, and help bolster engagement within our community.” 

Written by Student Reporter (Abdurrafi Prayata Abidin, Management 2024)