Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is hardly as simple as it’s portrayed in Korean dramas. A significant hurdle for aspiring student entrepreneurs is securing adequate capital to kick-start their ventures.

The recent Artha Sandbox 3.0 event, held on Friday, 23 February 2024, at Eititu Cafe ITB, aimed to tackle this challenge. With the theme “Developing Effective Business Proposal Writing Skills,” the event featured Aisyah Adlina Ghassani, Co-Founder & CEO of Eatzy. She imparted valuable insights and tips on crafting impactful business proposals to over 20 students from the Entrepreneurship Study Program at the SBM ITB.

Aisyah highlighted the critical role of business planning, which has been shown to boost business growth by up to 30% and is vital in fundraising endeavors. She encouraged students to embark on their entrepreneurial path by engaging in business plan contests, startup competitions, and innovation challenges.

Participation in these events offers experience and an opportunity to refine business ideas and receive constructive feedback. However, Aisyah stressed that mere participation is insufficient. Entrepreneurs must distinguish themselves from other competitors.

One key piece of advice from Aisyah was the importance of creating visually appealing business proposal presentations. Entrepreneurs should develop a unique proposal framework, crafting a structure that conveys the business idea, objectives, and potential. A distinctive framework ensures that a proposal captures the attention of investors and judges, making it stand out.

Moreover, Aisyah emphasized weaving an engaging storyline within the proposal. Rather than presenting a dry compilation of facts and figures, entrepreneurs should tell a story that captivates and conveys the passion and vision behind the business. A compelling narrative enhances the memorability and impact of the proposal.

In summary, navigating the path to successful entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, particularly for student entrepreneurs facing financial constraints. By heeding the advice of seasoned entrepreneurs like Aisyah Adlina Ghassani, students can hone their skills, differentiate themselves from competitors, and, ultimately, secure the vital funding needed for their business endeavors.

Written by Student Reporter (Putri Dzakiyah, Entrepreneurship 2025)