Companies strive to distinguish themselves through uniqueness and added value in the modern business landscape, characterized by fierce competition. Yanuar Rahmanto, Kahf Brand Building Executive, elucidated the importance of innovative thinking in the era of digitalization and globalization during the Kahf Goes Forward to ITB seminar themed “Beyond Business: Driving Innovation & Market Expansion” held on Saturday (24/04).

In his discourse on the significance of continuous learning and quality enhancement, Yanuar underscored the necessity of aligning with market demands to ensure that products are not only appealing but also match on customer expectations.

Offering a concrete example, Yanuar cited Kahf as the sole brand incorporating halal and ethical values, consistently endeavoring to bridge the gap between skincare and FMCG sectors by leveraging premium natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology.

“Kahf presents products with simple shapes and uniform colors. Yet, upon closer inspection, the product’s appearance sets Kahf apart, making it stand out from other brands,” remarked Yanuar.

In the context of an ever-expanding market, Yanuar further deliberated on the importance of broadening the business scope. He emphasized that the key to market expansion is the willingness to venture into new categories and adopt strategic segmentation strategies.

Concluding the talk show, Yanuar challenged the audience not only to innovate but also to embrace risks.

“If fear holds you back, learn to be courageous. And if you are courageous, fear nothing.”

Written by Student Reporter (Hansen Marciano, Management 2025)