The Community Activation Services Division, Families of Management Students, Bandung Institute of Technology, just held “Jalan-Jalan Bareng KMM” event on Saturday, March 23, 2024. This event invited children from Our Home Cikapundung to go to the Gedung Sate Museum, Bandung, and have iftar together.

“I feel tired, but it’s fun. I can learn a lot of things, like communication. It’s the same as being able to really practice creativity since there’s a lot that has to be adjusted depending on conditions and so on. And finally, because of all these adjustments, we were able to see the right results and quite a pleasant response from the event on the D-day,” said Bagas Abimanyu Bonaventura, the chief organizer of “Jalan-Jalan Bareng KMM”.

Our Home is a foundation that embraces disadvantaged children who do not have the opportunity to go to school. Our Home holds activities at their base camp every Saturday, such as learning and playing.

KMM ITB met with Our Home Cikapundung students at the Gedung Sate Museum. Around 20 children came, and they were very excited to see the history of Gedung Sate. Fasting is not an obstacle for them to be enthusiastic about learning and playing.

After exploring the Gedung Sate Museum, KMM rushed to the Our Home Cikapundung basecamp to play games prepared by the committee, namely chain messages and painting kites. This event ended with having iftar together and handing over the collected donations. This experience was very memorable for the participating students.

“I think yesterday’s event was very informative and added new insight. I learned about the history of the city of Bandung and how Gedung Sate was founded. Hanging out with lots of little kids also added to the excitement of the activities. “I like playing with children. So, yesterday was fitting that I was given a place to mingle and play with the children all day, hahaha,” said Fikri Arlizal, one of the SBM ITB Management students participating in this event. “And finally, hanging out with the kids makes fasting less of a chore because it’s fun. So fasting feels like nothing. May be I am exaggerating a bit. So, the point is, it’s fascinating!”

Written by Student Reporter (Angeline Halim, Management 2024)