The SBM ITB Student Family Association again participated in the graduation procession for the April 2024 period by touring the ITB Campus, Bandung, on Sunday (28/4). The procession is a tradition used to appreciate graduates’ achievements while studying at SBM ITB. Usually, this tradition is carried out by going around the ITB campus and returning to the SBM ITB building.

The procession, a testament to the graduates’ hard work and dedication, commenced from the Ganesha Sports Facility (Saraga) as per tradition. The graduates, adorned in their suits or kebayas, hats, and togas, were paraded from the Sunken Court to the SBM ITB building. The vibrant SBM ITB building served as a backdrop for their joyous gathering and commemorative photos.

The April SBM ITB Graduation Celebration, themed ‘Bandung Carnival’, was a poignant reminder for the graduates of their transformative journey in the city of Bandung. This city, where they gained knowledge and honed their skills, has played a significant role in shaping them into the future leaders they are today.

“We hope all the graduates who participated in the parade yesterday can feel the euphoria they imagined. “Hopefully, they all feel the appreciation they hope for, and hopefully, what has been prepared and presented to the graduates can please every graduate,” said Zahran Abyan Muzhaffar, Chair of the April SBM ITB 2024 Graduation Ceremony.

The April SBM ITB 2024 Graduation Committee left no stone unturned in their preparations to create a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere. A mascot, symbolizing the ‘Bandung Carnival’ theme, was prepared. The performance committee’s costumes were carefully chosen to enhance the desired atmosphere. These meticulous preparations contributed to the lively and bustling atmosphere of the procession.

During the procession from Sunken Court to the SBM ITB building, the graduates’ journey was accompanied by the crowd, the sound of percussion, lively singing, and props that helped build the atmosphere. In addition, the student association flag was also raised during the procession. With laughter and full of confidence, the graduates also sang the typical chants of the SBM ITB Student Family.

Of course, the April SBM ITB 2024 Graduation Celebration didn’t end there. This story continues with the next series of events, namely the April 2024 Graduation Celebration and April SBM ITB Graduation Night 2024. We hope that their careers will always be accompanied by success and that they will become leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit for the advancement of business, government, and society.

Written by Student Reporter (James Anders, Management 2024)