SBM ITB collaborates with 11 partners to improve education quality. This Cooperation Agreement was inaugurated on Saturday (25/5) during the 2024 Ganesha Business Management Festival (GBF) at Crowne Plaza, Bandung, marking an important moment in efforts to advance education and industrial involvement.

“Collaboration, synergy, and innovation are important keywords to ensure Indonesia’s sustainable development. We must continuously collaborate and synergize with various stakeholders, especially industrial partners, to provide a wider social or societal impact. “Educational facilities do not only rely on school walls but also involve industry,” said the Dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio, M.SME., in his speech.

This partnership will facilitate the development of new courses in the ITB MBA program, specifically Industry-Based Learning. The program will encourage strategic industry engagement through case studies and in-depth discussions with MBA students starting in the coming semester.

“This program is highly strategic and beneficial for companies, fostering innovation, providing insights for case studies, developing curricula, supporting commercialization and industrial research, and enhancing corporate reputation,” added Pulung.

Head of Communication, Admission, and Industrial Relations at SBM ITB, Dr. Nurlaela Arief, MBA, detailed that several collaborating companies include PT Bukit Vista Nusantara, PT Heinz ABC Indonesia, PT Grant Thornton Indonesia, PT Bina Karya Prima, PT Feedloop Global Teknologi, PT Hints Global Investasi, and PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom). The collaboration encompasses recruitment activities, internships, career fairs, guest lectures, and the enhancement of human resource quality and competency through executive and master’s programs, which can be conducted in-house or on a regular basis.

“We hope that this collaboration can help develop the careers of fresh graduates and contribute to curriculum development and student education,” said Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition Manager PT Heinz ABC Indonesia Gugi Ramdani.

“We will share internship opportunities, industry sharing, joint research, and joint publications,” said M Subhan Iswahyudi, Senior General Manager of TCUC PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk, added.

SBM ITB is also partnering with PT PLN Nusantara Power UP Cirata. This collaboration includes the development of a business sustainability curriculum, community engagement programs, a higher education tri-dharma program encompassing education, research, and community service, serving as a knowledge partner for societal impact initiatives, and supporting the achievement of AACSB international accreditation for social, environmental impact, and governance.

Additionally, SBM ITB is collaborating with PT Trans Digital Media (Datik to promote and disseminate the tri-dharma of higher education. PT Indosat Tbk is participating in ICT projects aimed at empowering Indonesia, student award programs, and the development of the Indosat Marvelous Xperience Center (MX). Moreover, SBM ITB and PT Amartha Nusantara Raya are working together through the Mini SBM ITB X Amartha program, providing disadvantaged students with learning opportunities.

“This collaboration aims to cultivate exceptional talent ready to compete in the international workforce,” stated Erwin Ferdianto, AVP-Head of West Java Group B2B Regional Enterprise Account at PT Indosat Tbk.

Written by Student Reporter (Hansen Marciano, Management 2025)