In the program, you will be encouraged to express and formulate your “tacit knowledge” in a scholarly way and contribute to theory development based on contextual issues by conducting case study research or conduct experiments in the real world for knowledge restructuring/reconstruct using “action research concept” and also make a practical contribution to the industry.

This program is flexible and interdisciplinary, applying social science theory and research methods to management problems. It offers specializations in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Business Risk and Finance, Business Strategy and Marketing, Operation and Performance Management, Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation, and People and Knowledge Management.

Commencement Date:
Every August

Class schedule:
Delivered in mix-modular method (weekend every other week)
Saturday (5 sessions) & Sunday  (5 sessions)
In between 08.00—17.00

Minimum Qualifications:
Master degree with working experience in management function of at least 10 years

International conference presentation
Nationally accredited/indexed-international journal
Scopus-indexed international journal

Total Credits:
6 semesters
47 credits

Length of study:
3-year program (Full-time)

Course Structure

Develop a basic understanding of the philosophy of management science, literature review, problem statement, research contribution, hypotheses, research methodologies, scientific paper writing, and research proposal.
Semester 1
Required courses:
Philosophy and Methodology of Science in Management
Theory and Model Development
Behavioral Science
Preparation Examination
Semester 2
Required courses:
Quantitative Research Methodology
Qualitative Research Methodology
Research Proposal
Collect and analyze data, write, present and publish the research.
Semester 3
Required courses:
Progress Seminar I
Elective 1
Elective 2
Semester 4
Required courses:
Progress Seminar II
Collect and analyze data, write, present and publish the research.
Semester 5
Required courses:
Progress Seminar III
Semester 6
Required courses:
Progress Seminar IV
Dissertation Examination

How to Apply

Annually, DSM ITB commence classes on August. Early preparation become the important step to enrol and start an embarking journey with DSM ITB.

Elective Courses

Students at DSM program will select one of six concentrations from these research areas: People and Knowledge Management, Operations and Performance Management, Business Strategy and Marketing, Business Risk and Finance, Entrepreneurship Study & Technology Management, and Decision Making & Strategic Negotiation.

In addition, various elective courses are available in the respective research areas. These courses are tailored to broaden the students’ knowledge base as well as the opportunity for further research. The list of elective courses is as follows:

Business Risk and Finance
  1. Digital Economy and Financial Technology
Business Strategy and Marketing
  1. Behavioral Marketing
Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation
  1. Critical Systems Thinking
Study Program
  1. Advanced Topics in Management 1
  2. Advanced Topics in Management 2
  3. Research in Business
Entrepreneurship Study and Technology Management
  1. Research and Development Management for Entrepreneurship
Operations and Performance Management
  1. Advanced Corporate Performance Management
People and Knowledge Management
  1. Advanced Research in People and Knowledge Management

Costs and Scholarships

Semester 1:
IDR 37,500,000
Semester 2:
IDR 37,500,000
Semester 3:
IDR 37,500,000
Semester 4:
IDR 37,500,000
Semester 5:
IDR 37,500,000
Semester 6:
IDR 37,500,000
IDR 225,000,000


  1. Tuition Fee might change without prior notice.
  2. Students who exceeded the limit of the normal study period (36 months) will be charged the following tuition fees:
    Long semester: TBA/each semester
  3. Confirmation fee and all the tuition fees cannot be refunded in all conditions, including when students fail to register or finish the program
  4. SBM ITB reserves the right to adjust the above information

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