Four Must-Have Human Capital Skills During The Disruption Era

The disruption era has made the world unpredictable. Competition is no longer determined by capital or technology but human capital and work culture. With this in mind, participants of the Telkom Corporate Band 4—comprised of supervisor from various Telkom’s subsidiaries across Indonesia—took part in the Great People Management Program (GPMP). In the training included in […]

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Ecoplast ID, Startup of Bioplastic Development

Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020) Become an activator for Indonesia Free of Plastic Waste by providing environmental-friendly plastics that are easily biodegradable, Ecoplastid was born from the anxiety of a group of young socio-preneurs with concern of the accumulation of plastic waste that occurred in Indonesia. The use of plastic is very […]

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Management VS Entrepreneurship, Which One?

Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020) For the bachelor’s degree, SBM is now holding two study programs. They are management and entrepreneurship. Management program provides general business and management knowledge such as Marketing, Finance, Operation, Human Resource, and Decision Making. Sciences in management major provide so much knowledge of how to properly manage […]

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Nigromo, The Innovation Towards Blood Sugar Checking

Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020) Lead by Galih Fajar Ramdhan, ITB biomedical engineering alumni (batch 2015), Nigromo which is one of the tenants at SBM ITB, is now developing an innovation towards blood sugar checking. Galih and his team are about making a new system of methodology which allows checking blood sugar […]

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Written by Akhmad Rizky Hamidan (Entrepreneurship 2021) Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture through Expert Staff for Investment held Focus Group Discussion by theme “Horticulture Investment and Export Acceleration: Opportunities and Challenges” in Hotel Salak The Heritage Bogor on Thursday (14/11/2019)., one of student business teams in School of Business and Management ITB participated in it. […]

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SBM Student’s Product Innovation in Habibie Technology Festival 2019

Written by Aqmalia Shafira (Entrepreneurship 2020) ITB student’s team, Forbetric, presented smart sockets, smart plugs at the 2019 Habibie Festival technology festival at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This smart socket is here to support the achievement of smart and eco living. Forbetric was founded by 8 founders from the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, […]

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