We welcome you, the future leaders, to our Jakarta Downtown Campus!


School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB) is committed to the development of future entrepreneurial leaders. These are leaders that will be movers and shakers in all walks of life: corporate sector, public governance, even not-for-profit organization. You can be an entrepreneurial leader by being CEO of a multinational company, Inventor of a new social media site, or even a Mayor/Regent with commitment for good governance. Leadership with integrity, respect for diversity and heart for humanity is the key values we aim to generate from your own potentials.

A campus at the heart of Jakarta provides SBM ITB with access to the best pool of leadership talents in the country’s capital. This is a campus where you will not only learn Marketing Management in theory, but also learn from the best marketers in the industry. Our Decision Science module will not only teach you from text book, but also share you the experience of top decision makers in this country. MBA ITB Jakarta is the place where Master Business Administration program is not merely a course, but a chance to learn from business leaders in action and to practice your learning with the peers.

Founder & Chairman of School Advisory Council
Prof. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

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Email: admission-jkt@sbm-itb.ac.id
Phone: 021 5296868
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