Considering University Notification from Rector of Institut Teknologi Bandung No:146/IT1.A/LL/2020 dated March 14th 2020 on Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Prevention within Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), School of Business and Management ITB advised the Civitas to conduct the following precautions:

Learning Activities

  1. As per March 16th 2020, SBM-ITB students are required to join online classes as scheduled, and NOT ALLOWED to enter SBM ITB campus areas (including Ganesha Campus, MBA Bandung Campus, Jakarta Campus, and Jatinangor Campus).
  2. The online learning includes:

    (i) lectures, tutorial, mentoring, field study, progress seminar;

    (ii) final project, theses, and dissertation supervisory process;

    (iii) proposal defense, final project defense, theses defense, and closed dissertation examinations.

  3. The online learning activities may include platforms as follow:

    a. The main platform is Google Classroom;

    b. For other classes that have used other platforms may continuously to do so;

    c. Other supporting platforms that support synchronous learning can be used, such as: video conferencing apps or social media;

    d. Final project supervision can use online platform in, SBM ITB email, and/or other online platforms;

    e. Proposal defense, final project defense, theses defense, and closed dissertation examination can use video conferencing apps coordinated by Study Programs.

  4. For Bidik Misi/Subsidized UKT 100% students who might have limited resources to access the internet, SBM ITB provides internet data supports under the following conditions:

a. Students should contact Study Program admins through SBM ITB email accounts by mentioning Name, Student ID, and mobile numbers;

b. Study Program will provide internet data supports up to 15 GB per month per student.

Research and Community Service Activities

Data collections, consulting, workshop, seminar, training and other similar activities that require direct interactions must be postponed and should be replaced with online media.

SBM ITB students are advised to limit their interactions with others and not involved in any activities that might increase the risk of getting infected by Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

Further information in this matter will be communicated in a sequential manner.