Meet the New Dean of SBM ITB

Prof. Utomo said that “We’re (SBM ITB) 17 years old now, and there have been many achievements, including a significant increase in students’ number, from the only 80 bachelor students in 2004, now it has reached around 3,500 students in masters and doctoral level”.

“All study programs in SBM ITB have been accredited with A from BAN PT, internationally accredited by ABEST21, and the next is preparing  to achieve AACSB accreditation”. SBM ITB the Best Business School in Indonesia according to the Global Brand business magazine, UK, for 3 years in a row. In addition, QS Ranking for Business and Management Subjects is in the top 250-300.

Prof. Utomo conveyed his vision in leading SBM ITB is to make SBM as an institution that had strong roots locally and nationally in the fields of business and management, and respected internationally. He also added his mission is to educate and develop the technopreneur generation; enhance research collaboration on the international scene; and actively involved in improving the quality of SBM stakeholders.

To achieve this vision, as the dean he targeted 3 future strategic plans that would involve synergies with ITB, including: the first strategy is dynamic ecosystem-based learning and innovative curriculum; International cooperation strategy; Transforming technology-based learning development (education 4.0); and strengthen the role of the Alumni Association; The second strategy is to increase strategic interaction and collaboration between the Faculties/Schools/BPUDL/LK/LPIK, and others in ITB organization (Value Co-Creation and Orchestrator Platform); While the third strategy is strengthening research to solve local and national problems by collaborating with other faculties / schools at ITB, as well as collaborating with well-known international institutions; increased industrial Cooperation more closely as a Laboratory and research centers at ITB.

“I ask for support from all parties, so that SBM ITB always contributes and has a significant impact on the people of Indonesia and the world,” concluded Utomo.

Dean Profile

Prof. Utomo Sarjono Putro

Professor Utomo Sarjono Putro, is a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering ITB and continued his Masters and Doctoral degrees at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. He is a Professor in the field of decision making. Professor Utomo is one of the founders of SBM ITB. With the main expertise in the areas of Decision Making, Negotiation, Systems Science, Modeling for Policy Making & Group Based Modeling.

Before appointed as Dean, Professor Utomo held various strategic and important positions in the ITB environment. Among them were vice dean in the academic field (2015-2020), deputy dean in the field of resources (2009-2010), Chair of the decision making expertise group (2011-2015) and other structural positions.

He has had many international and national publications, and has also been trusted to carry out several executive education programs and consultations in the fields of negotiation, decision making, system development policy models, and so on several state-owned companies, government agencies and national private companies and startups. Other achievements He was also entrusted to be the expert team of the President’s work unit in the field of development supervision and control in the 2013-2015 period.

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Vice Dean of Academic Profile

Prof. Aurik Gustomo

Professor Aurik Gustomo is an ITB Industrial Engineering alumni, then continued his Masters in Engineering from Industrial Engineering and Management ITB, and completed his doctoral program in the Business Management Doctoral Study Program from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture. He is a professor in the field of human development or people development. Prof. Aurik is also one of the founders of SBM ITB. His area of ​​research and expertise is in the areas of people development, human capital management, entrepreneurial behavior, leadership & organization culture.

Prior to serving as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Aurik Gustomo has held various strategic and important positions within the ITB environment, including as Deputy Dean for Resources (2013-2020), Chair of the People & Knowledge Management expertise group (2017-2018). Prof. Aurik, has had many international and national publications, Developing competency-based HR systems within SBM ITB, has also been trusted to carry out several executive education programs and consultations on HR development for several multinational companies, SOEs, government agencies and national private companies.

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Vice Dean of Resources Profile

Reza Ashari Nasution, Ph.D

Associate Professor Reza Ashari Nasution is an alumni of the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering ITB, then continued and completed the Doctoral (research) program in Business Information Systems & International Management at the University of Twente, Netherlands. He has expertise and research areas in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Branding & Digital Transformation.

Reza has held various strategic positions within ITB, including as Chairman of the Business Strategy & Marketing Expertise Group (in the period 2006-2009 and from 2017 until now). He has served as Program Director or Chair of the ITB MBA Study Program (2011-2016), Chair of the S1 Management Study Program (2010-2011), Member of the ITB Academic Senate (2019-present), Secretary of the SBM ITB Senate (2017-2018), and the head of SBM ITB curriculum preparation and design (2016-2018).

Reza has had many international and national publications and contributed to the academic, government and business communities at the national and international levels in the form of executive education, training, research, and consulting programs. 

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Written by Media Relations SBM ITB